Yoho National Park – Canada

I have to admit, before visiting the Jasper National Park I wasn’t even aware that apart from the Banff National Park there are more National Parks in the Canadian Rockies and was surprised when I saw the sign of the Yoho National Park. Actually, there is another one, the Kootenay National Park north from Jasper, which I didn’t visit this time. I had already planned driving through the Yoho National Park and wanted to visit some sites in it without knowing that they’re not part of the Jasper or Banff National Parks. It seems to be a smaller area than these two, but can absolutely offer a lot as well and lies in between these two well-known national parks heading west from there and is already part of British Columbia. This also means, that I finally reached the western most province in Canada and my road trip was almost over. But not yet, so have a look yourself at this beautiful nature sites, so here you go.

Emerald Lake

Especially the emerald lake convinced me by its beauty. I decided to take a walk around the lake or as they say here hike. I have to admit, to me, before going to Canada, I considered hiking only when I went up or down mountains while a walk would be going through nature or also cities without big level changes. Here they seem to call everything nature related hiking… Short after starting and jumping up and down the roots on the way, trying not to dip to deep into the mud, I met to American women. We started talking and did the whole way together whattook us around two hours and was really nice. I always enjoy meeting new people and a common passion for nature and hiking is already a good start to get along 😊 I’m actually still in contact with them through social media. I do value the possibility to stay connected so easily. 18 years ago, when we left Spain my sister and I where sending letters to the friends we left behind, but most of the contacts got lost. Nowadays this is so much easier and it seems that from each journey I take I meet a few people and sometimes it is just a loose contact and other times very good friendships evolve and we even visit each other every now and then. One of the two women just texted me saying that they might visit Whistler next year and I hope we could meet again 😊 But enough off topic talking, here you have the emerald lake and the name speaks for itself.

At this spot we actually witnessed an engagement ❤

Natural Bridge

On the way to the emerald lake in the same street I stopped on this natural bridge out of rock formations. It’s beautiful, but it was full of people blocking the way. Still liked the look of it 😊

This is the bridge of course with a stupid photographer on it who obviously wasn’t capable of reading the signs not to cross this point and nor seeing the fence… People started shouting at him to get off of it and out of the way but he couldn’t care less and took his time for diverse long exposure photos in the way of everyone else. Not respecting neither all the other tourists nor the preservation of this natural spot…
Got one shot without anyone one it but shortly after another guy followed the bad example of the one before and went on it again…

Takakkaw Falls

Have I mentioned that I love driving, especially in the mountains on curvy roads? The street that leads you here is a good one but at one point you go up the mountain in a very curvy road. I had so much fun! Sadly on the way back I had a slow and insecure driver in front of me, but maybe it was better that he kept me that slow 😉 The waterfall itself is really high but thin and around it was already surrounded by ice.

Zoom in to the ice and the tiny littler rainbow 😊

Wapta Falls

But not all roads are as good as the one mentioned above, getting to the wapta falls takes you over a bumpy gravel road and since it had rained and snowed before it was muddy and I had some parts where I slided slightly without wanting to. Some holes on the road where that deep and with the mud I couldn’t see how deep exactly that I was afraid to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a rental car not made for these streets. Luckily, I made it and got this nice view. Sadly, it was short before sunset to I lacked the time to hike to the waterfalls and could only see them from far.

Zoom in, next time I’ll hike down there!

Met two brothers traveling with a cute dog who just set up their bon fire and chose this spot for a sleep over in their van. I was a little bit jealous of them, because I still had some hours to drive to get to Kelowna. I somehow underestimated the time all the stops on the way would take and drove the last hours in pitch black not being able to see all the beautiful scenery. Another reason why I need to go back there!

Pit stop for a hot tea at Tim Horton (love the apple cinnammon fog) on the way.

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