Yangon – Myanmar

Finally, Myanmar or Burma if you prefer to call this stunning country that way. I started in the capital Yangon former known as Rangun. Don’t forget to get a visa in advance! If not, you’re not allowed into the country! One guy I met in a hostel actually was flown back to Thailand to get a visa and then return. On his own cost of course. Anyway, it is super easy to apply online for a visa and took only one day for me. You only need your passport data and a digital typical passport photo of you.

This time I was able to stay in a hostel again and right away met nice people who showed me local places around where you could eat really cheap and delicious food. Just again the communication was, as typical in Asia, a huge problem. You show them with hand signs what you want and as for me wish that it is without meat, which suprisingly always worked, since the food in Myanmar seems to be mostly vegetarian. I heard that meat is a luxurious product for them. I really liked the food, it is simple but really tasty and I mostly went for street food which is so cheap.

The part I loved the most about Myanmar are the people itself. They treat you as a normal human being charging you the same prices as the locals, being grumpy to you if they have a bad day or nice if they have a good one but especially not treating you different because you are a tourist. They sometimes look at you curiously of course, especially in the areas where you might have been the first western, they have ever seen, but they wouldn’t shoot photos with you like the Chinese or try to sell you stuff like the people in Thailand for example. If your interested in their stuff, nice, if not okay as well. I don’t know how long it will stay like this, tourism might kill this authenticity, but I was glad to experience Myanmar that way.

Back to street food, if you are afraid to get food poisoning, go for the crowded shops, I never had a problem with bad food in Myanmar at all!

In general, you can walk most sightseeing spots in the center. This is the way I like to explore anyway. Yangon was super hot when I was there, so don’t forget your water, you will need it! Again, always get cash when an ATM is around, I think no place I went to would take a credit card. There were a lot of posts in the internet that said that foreign cards sometimes do not work in the country. I don’t know when that changed, but I did not have a single problem with that.

What to do in Yangon? Explore the diverse pagodas! I love those religious places, they make me calm and leave me in awe. Ah, don’t forget to cover your knees and shoulders when entering an religious area. That is a matter of respect and they can forbid you to enter if you dontt obey. There are many more than the ones I added here in the subsequent photographs, but I needed to scale it down a bit. So, enjoy these beautiful places in the following.

People’s Square and Park

View at the Shwedagon pagoda.
Love is in the air <3

Shwedagon Pagoda

This huge golden pagoda surrounded by smaller ones is fascinating!
Love this monk crafting.
The pagoda an its surroundings are full of lovely golden details!
As said, the pagoda is surrounded by others also this ones in a different style. Have you spotted the guy with the umbrella? Same as in China locals often try to protect their skin from the sun.

Maha Wizaya Pagoda

Not far from the Shwedagon this less popular but not less beautiful pagoda can be found without any entrance fee.
This is actually a female monk. The pidgeons started flying when she passed by.
As you can see above I am a fan of different perspectives and angles.
Monk resting in the shades on a really (!!!) hot day!

Kandawgyi Natural Park

This bridge was so shacky, I was afraid to break through =D
Big lake and nature in the middle of the city. Great to relax in the shades.

Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station

I have no clue how this pagoda is called, but it was directly at the side of the above bus stop from where I took a bus north.
Monks painted on the inside of this pagoda.
Look at this details!
Luxury nightbus with a screen in front of my feeling like being on a plane. It was only a few dollars more that is why I choose this bus over the normal bus one to save a night in a hostel at the same time.

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