Winnipeg – Canada

The way from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg was actually nicer than I had expected since everyone told me that after Thunder Bay it is getting boring. But up until one or two hours before reaching Winnipeg it was still lots of trees and lakes by the road and I enjoyed the ride.

The area I was staying in and the Airbnb I booked wasnโ€™t too great but as soon as you reach the Exchange District or got to the surroundings of the city it gets nice. I just stayed for three nights, but I enjoyed it.

Exchange District

The Cube Stage.

The Forks

The Forks Skateboard Park.
Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
Esplanade Riel Footbridge.
Lots of art installations in this park area.

Cathedral Saint-Boniface

Look through church…
… it’s actually just the leftovers because it burned down.

Fort Whyte Alive

Goose invasaion…
This is actually floating and gets a bit shaky.

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