Whistler and Squamish – Canada

We went to Whistler, passing by through Squamish as a girl’s trip. It was a very spontaneous action as I saw the post of a girl in a Facebook group stating they still have a spot in a car if someone wants to join for the weekend and this is what I did. Knew none of them before but it was a fun multicultural group with a Dutch girl, a Columbian (hope I remember that correctly) and another German girl. The trip happened November last year. I was holding onto this blog as my original idea was to post it together with the pictures from this Winter as another girl’s trip, this time with twelve girls (that I know some of) was planned in March and before that I wanted to ski there as well. Unfortunately, everything got cancelled due to the pandemic and my knee that canceled further skiing until the End of February… Therefore, sadly no winter pictures… I hope that I can visit again when this is all over! So, this is why this blog followed so late and now, thanks to the pandemic, I have time to sort, edit and upload pictures finally.

The sea to sky highway is a scenic highway taking you in just two hours all the way from Vancouver to Whistler passing by the howe sound as water source on one side and mountains and forest all around you. It is stunning and that even though, sadly again, a little like on Vancouver Island, we caught a rainy and misty weekend. Still, I really enjoyed it! We started Saturday morning and were back Sunday night. On the way we did diverse stops on the way to Whistler as well as on the way back. In the blog the spots are not in ordered in the order we went visiting them but ranging south to north. I hope you enjoy.

Britannia Beach

Short fresh air stop on the way.


Can’t really tell much about Squamish, but I hope I will have the shot to visit it again this summer for some hikes and maybe even some wild water rafting. It is a hub for adventure sport. But these are the spots we visited on the way through.

Shannon Falls

Short stop on the way and not far from the parking lot you find this waterfall.

Stawamus Chief & Howe Sound

This surfer is not attached to the boat but riding the wave behind it, while we were dressed in jackets.
The Stawamus Chief showing himself for a second…
… and gon the next. My goal is to hike up there this summer. I hope this will be possible… The view is supposed to be amazing!
Electric surf boards. This must be so much fun!

Look at these trucks! I would love to drive one just to try. Must be a great feeling. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Alice Lake

I really don´t know what makes this lake so green, must be some algae, but it makes a stunning look! I was all quiet and misty with unique patterns on the water.

Refelection on the pattern in the lake.
Rain forest feels.
Yes, it was autumn.

Sea to Sky Highway

Tantalus Lookout by the road.
Somewhere beside the road

Brandywine Falls

Inpressive, also the different layers of stone that show here were really interesting to me.
This hikers had their lunch break down there. What a nice spot!


Train Wreck Trail

In this are a whole train got of the trail tracks decades ago and now adays is covered in graffiti hiding in the forest.

Loggers Lake

Our last hike Saturday short before the sun set, which sadly happened behind the clouds.
Cheakamus River Suspension Bridge

Whistler Village

Small city, in fact smaller than expected. In winter focused on winter sports for tourists from all over the world and in summer on adventure sports, hiking and also wellness.

Atla Lake
Olymplic Rings in the middle of the village.
Lost Lake

Green Lake

Not as green as the Alice Lake though 😉
Someone is preparing for winter.

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