Warsaw – Poland

The first reunion we had after exchange took place in Warsaw, Poland. I went to Poland a few times before but never to this capital. Sadly, the world war teared most of the old town apart, but the country was able to rebuild a big part of it so it regained its flair. I went there in May 2017.

This is a quick jump in timeline, because before this trip I did a longer backpacking trip through Southeast Asia but I wanted some contrast in between. That is why I will add a few trips through Europe in between before “going back” to Asia.

We were a few people that met on exchange and gladly we had two locals showing us around. It is always the best to explore with a local and have a friend at a location. Sure, that is not always possible, but if you know someone don’t be shy and ask them to show you around. Couchsurfing, even if you prefer your own room in a hotel or want to stay in a hostel also offers the possibility to just meet local people.

I wasn’t expecting anything but meeting friends but I was able to explore a beautiful city and I do recommend you to give it a try. Poland is possible with a low budget as well which is always a plus. So off you go.

One of the last flieghts I had with AirBerlin before the airline shot down. I liked this “old school” looking propella plane.
At the Bulwary Wiślane each weekend lots of joung people gather together by this great view. It is one of the few places where drinking in public is not allowed but tollerated.
Don’t know what this building is called like but I really liked the architecture in the center.
It was all over Polish and German flaggs at Galeria Korona Kielce because a German politician was for a visit. We Also got a look at him occasionally.
People in Poland have a good taste in cars 😉 – Kościół Seminaryjny
The reconstructed old town – Plac Zamkowy
Another shot at Plac Zamkowy
Actually a women fighting – Rynek Starego Miasta.
Wilanów-Palast from the front with a museum inside…
… and a beautiful park behind it.
Exchange meeting, you can guess we enjoyed it 😀 I’m not a fan of beer, but polish one is really tasty!

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