Viking vacation in Sweden

Another throwback this time to a different kind of vacation in June 2013. I spent one and a half weeks in Sweden as a Viking reenactor in the Vikingemuseet in Fotevik and another long weekend at the Trelleborgen on another medieval market.

Since I am sixteen, I have been interested in medieval times and after a couple of years into high middle ages and renaissance fencing, I became a fond of the Viking age. First, I did sword fighting with a short sword and a fence, but then I had to admit, I never had a talent in it. That is why I stopped fighting and started focusing more on other crafts like sewing, embroider and cooking in traditional ways on a campfire. For years I spend almost each week in summer on different medieval markets or training camps.

This journey to Sweden was one of the highlights. We were invited to this authentically historical Viking village. It was directly at the coast and even though I was in a tent with 4 to 5 other people, at least one of them snoring hard each night, I had the best sleep for ages. Being out in nature with the fresh air, the sea and without media for such a long time made my head clear and gave me a beautiful inner peace. Even if you donโ€™t enjoy reenactment and being in authentically hand sewed clothing, sleeping in a tend or cooking on a fire, I recommend everyone of you at least spend a week or two in nature, with people you love, intense conversations without media interruptions. The social interactions I had were deep and moving but at the same time I also spend hours sitting on a tower, looking at the ocean and just being lost in thoughts. Still one of the best vacations I had till now.

Except for trips to a nearby supermarket and a day trip to Ales Stenar we spend all of the time on the medieval markets. That way this vacation was more than affordable. Except for the ferry costs, some gas and food I had no expenses for this trip. In the following I will show you my favorite photographs of this trip.

Sassnitz, Germany – Short stop before the ferry ride to Sweden.
One of the first pictures I took and literally the first look you have when you enter the historic village.
Viking shields.
Nature, a Viking and the ocean – What do I need more?!
This tower what my favorite spot.
Sunset from the tower.
Me in viking clothing just happy and relaxed.
Daytrip to this ancient stones at Ales Stenar. It was very faszinating.
Trelloborg, where we spent the last few days.
Already on the ferry on the way home.

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