Vang Vieng – Laos

Vang Vieng the party central of Laos. My group wanted to stay in one of the party hostels where you get free whisky each night and that’s how wasted the people got. I mostly don’t drink alcohol at all. First of all, I don’t quite like most of the taste and second of all I don’t like feeling of not being in charge of my own head. While traveling I perfer to be fit at the day to explore. Sure, every know and then I enjoy a cocktail, but that doesn’t happen so often. At the same time, I don’t blame people who do drink more often. Except the puke in my fourteen people bedroom at night and wake everyone up… Yes, that is what happened. At the same time, you can get marihuana products ranging from shakes, cookies, joints and many more in some shops in the city. The police accept it to be consumed inside of the shops but not outside. If you are caught you will be charged 500 $ and that is what happened to two of our friends… One of the guys was short from the end of his trip so he did not have enough money with him so we lend him the money and he had to call his parents to send him more. I would have been so embarrassed! I do not take drugs at all but I have a couple of friends back home who take them every know on then on parties. I wouldn’t like to be out of my mind or have weird trips. But everyone can decide for himself. If you like party and drugs, Vang Vieng is your city. As it’s not my style it is not and I decided to move on quickly. 

Before leaving of course we did some trips. We swam in a natural pool and had a floating trip down the river where each of us gets a ring for the journey. It was such a fun. Of course, they had some bars of places to make a stop on the way where you could chill in the sun, drink, eat or play volleyball or basketball. I definitely recommend this trip. But don’t drink too much. People died before because they where to messed up to hold themselves up in the water or stay in the floating ring… Still, after a short time there I moved on and our group split because some of them wanted to fly to Vietnam while I planned to go to Cambodia and the south of Laos before.

Look at this fun floating down the river.
The nature around us was beautiful.
Well, that car wouldn’t have been allowed on the German streets, but still it was running…

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