My and my beloved Sony Alpha 6000.

Dear reader,
if you have missed my first post here’s another short introduction:

My name is Mareike and since that is quite hard to pronounce people got creative by naming me Mia, Miya, Myra, Mary, May or Maria just to name a few nicknames. My name is just too hard to pronounce for people that neither speak German nor Dutch. Anyway, feel free to call me as you please. I’m fine with Missus as well, since that is my social media name.

Quick excursion:
Only one friend of mine does call me Missus so far (he’ll know I mean him) and I loved the sound of it. I never heard it before and figured that that’s another form of misses, madam, wife or similar. Being single I thought about what I feel connected to if not to a significant other. Since one of my deepest passions is traveling and I was looking for a name related to that topic I thought about myself as being married to wanderlust, which lead to Missus Wanderlust. So now you know, back to topic 😉

I’m a young woman in her early thirties, raised in Berlin, Germany and on Lanzarote, Spain. I have a passion for travel and mostly travel solo. As you will quickly notice the combination of photography and traveling is tightly connected for me.

I have done quite some journeys even though I haven’t documented all of them with photos. In this blog I’m sharing some past journeys to give you some insides about my recommendations and experiences in different cities and countries. New journeys will soon follow! So far I shared most of my travel photographs on Instagram.

Just marked the 32 counties visited with my arrival in Canada, where I do live right now on a working holiday visa. Here are the countries I have been to so far:

These map and flaggs are screenshots of my FindPenguins account.

Some further random facts about me:

  • I do smile and laugh a lot.
  • Talking is one of my favorite hobbies if you can call it so. Getting to know people, discuss, interact, exchange… I love it!
  • I’m fluent in German, Spanish and English.
  • My favorite clothing color is black, sometimes some grey, dark blue, dark green, dark red or for work even white gets lost in my closet. This might come from me being into the gothic scene as a teenager, but don’t tell anyone 😉

You want to know more about me or my journeys? Feel free to ask!

If you enjoy my posts feel free to like and leave a feedback. I am thankful for every advice and happy to answer questions. Just leave me a comment and I will come back to you. Feel free to follow my blog for more content, my Instagram for photograhy and stories or FindPenguins where I track my journey. I am happy to see you back soon.

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