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It was my dream since being a teenager to once in a lifetime travel to Japan, especially Tokyo since I’m in love with big cities. To right away start in Tokyo was wonderful! I spend a few days there before starting my round trip around Japan and it also ended with another few days in Tokyo. I will post about the other cities I went to in the next few days. This city is huge, chaotic and organized at the same time. I think I won’t be able to find the right words to describe this awesome city. I will give you an impression about what you can expect and will show you my favorite shots of the places I went to, but you will one day hopefully be able to walk the streets yourself and experience the vibes of this gorgeous Japanese metropole. So will I hopefully do the same again some time in the future. To make it more digestible I sorted this post into some main areas of interest. I do hope you like it.

View points

Tokyo is a huge city so for me it is always a must have to get an “overview” by going on a Skydeck or similar to get an awesome view over the city. I actually do that in most big cities I go to. Tokyo offers three very popular ones and I tested two of them. Each of them is worth it so make sure you try at least one.

Fun fact, I’m afraid of heights so it’s a fight with my own fears each time and it takes me some time to walk near the edge but each time it is one of the best views I can have and that outweighs being shaky on my knees and making my heart jump.

Sooo high – The Tokyo Skytree.
Above the sky.
View over Tokyo from the Skytree.
Not willing to pay for a view over the city? Visit the Metropolitan Government Building which is totally for free and as you can see the view is worth a visit!
The Tokyo Tower – I did not made it on top of it, but I heard it is worth it. As mentiones I choose the higher Skytower.

Streets, adds and shopping

Shopping or at least window shopping as well as just walking though Tokyo’s different areas by day and night was amazing to me. Time Square New York is nothing against it. Sure, the prices to go shopping are tough, but window shopping is priceless and also leaves you in awe. In the following you see the places to go to.

Akihabara, the best place to shop manga, anime or technology.
Never miss Shibuya and its famous crossing paired with huge adds and mostly lots of people.
That’s how the Shibuya Crossing looks like when all people cross at the same time.
Takeshita Street, I bought way to many cute souvenirs for family, friends and myself.
Shinjuku district with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Worth a visist day and surely night with all the adds lightened. The city is really save by the way, so don’t go home by dawn and enjoy the night!
Also at Shinjuku – Tokyo is also crowded by night.
Harajuku also offers lots of stores, this is the stairs in one of them.

Temples and Gardens

Nature and culture combined or just one of it? You will find lots of possibilities to get what you need in diverse Temples, Shines and Gardens spread through the city. It calms you mind in between all the input you get while exploring Tokyo. I love these contrasts. Here are some places I went to:

Asakusa Sensoji Temple is very central and thus very crowded but beautiful at the same time.
You will always spot a dressed up Japanese girl in a kimono at each temple. This is also at the Asakusa Sensoji Temple.
This unborn child garden at Zojoji Temple made me really sad. At the same time I loved the idea of honoring the unborn childs lots of women and men will never forget about.
Monks on a sightseein trip at the Zojoji Temple.
The Meiji Shrein is home to a lot of wishes.
In the middle of all the tourist and visitors this wedding ceremony was taking place ath the Meiji Shrine.
And another wedding ceremony, yes that’ss a different couple – Guess it is popular to get merried at this shrine.
Yoyogi Park near the Shrine.
The Tokyo Imperial Palace, it only opens a few days a week for a limited time and sadly I did not made it into the area. But it is nice to have a look from the outside as well.
Japanese bungalow in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.
Artist at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Going out

Going out in Japan was not my main focus. I prefer to use the day and see as much as possible. For that I do need a good night sleep. Or even if I’m up at night you’ll find me catching night shots. Still, every now and then I go out. I went to the Golden Gai two times while being in Tokyo. It is a bar area with as far as I heard over 200 small bars where sometimes only four people fit in, other times up till twenty maybe. You go from bar to bar for one or two drink and meet locals as well as internationals. Sadly, most Japanese do not speak English, so conversations where rare, but in one bar I found a “translator” and enjoyed it. Another night I also partied with a Lufthansa crew that celebrated their stayover.Both nights were lots of fun!

On the way to a night out at Golden Gai.
Tiny bar at Golden Gai, somtimes just 4 to 6 people fit in.
Last night going out in Golden Gai.

I was so sad when I had to leave again and did waste more than one thought on using the full length of my 90-day visa and skipping university just for staying longer. Of course, my logic won. Sure, I will be back!

Last moments in Japan at Narita Airport.

Thank you very much for your time and interest. I hope you are enjoying my blog. Feel free to follow and leave me feedback. I am thankful for every advice and happy to answer questions. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for photography and stories or FindPenguins where I track my journey to get a general overview. I am happy to see you back soon.

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