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The so-called area Saxon Switzerland is known for its beautiful nature perfect for hiking and trekking trips. Since living in Dresden for a year and commuting to it for another year I had the shot to visit diverse spots in this are a couple of times. It was the visit of my mom in October 2018 which firstly made me visit this area because we both already knew Dresden and wanted to explore something new. I have no clue why I never went before. We visited the “Fortress Königsstein” and the “Bastei”. I was fascinated so went again this time exploring the area around the “Kuhstall” and the “Stairway to heaven”, this time autumn already took over with its beautiful colors. The third time I visited was in March 2019. In the following you’ll find my favorite pictures from these trips. I would always recommend to go and explore this area. There is so much more to explore than the few spots I visited. If you only have a day, maybe do a day trip but if you have some more time, stay in the area or in Dresden and enjoy the fascinating sites.

Festung Königsstein

Impressive what humas created such a long time ago without machines.
Lilienstein on the left side with a nice view over the area.
We really had georgeous weather and it felt like summer and not early autumn.
Beware 😉
My Mommy, isn’t she gorgeous? It was a bless to have her visiting and spent four days with her in Dresden and the Saxon Switzerland for the beginning of October 2018. I will always keep these moments in my heart. I owe her so much and I’m thankful for her support no matter what I’m up to.
Nice car, though I have no clue how it got up this fortress…


The famous Bastei Bridge in the middle of this incredible mountains.
Do you see the red dot on top of the mountain? This is actually a guy climbing these mountains.
Impressed by this mountains.
Me comming back this March 🙂 Btw. this is my favorite cap that I of course bought in Japan 😀
On this photograph you can see the Lilienstein and the Festung Königsstein in the back, so now you know that all the parts I’m showing here are just a short drive apart and can be easily combined for a trip.
Sweden holes are a pathway between rocks. Short before I hiked them a storm went through saxony and this tree is a result of that.
Again this beautiful bridge this time with less green trees and less people on it 😉


Blue sky and wide view. It was a great day to get up here. I got up the south path and down the north path which is mostly in shades, so depending on temperature and time of the day decide which one to take. According to fitness level they are both similar.
This is where I bailed out from because my fear of height won… These stairs are so steep and it passes right at the border of the cliff. I tried to get near them but my whole body was shaking and people looked at me and obviously felt sorry. Some even talked to me like “Fear of height I see, your tough”…
Now the other way around. The Festung Königsstein photographed from Lilienstein. You can see how huge the castle are is.
Here you can see the distance. They are so close just seperaded by the Elbe and a little bit of land.

Kuhstall & Himmelsleiter

Graffiti even on a tram in the middle of nowhere.
I love the colors of autumn! I went for a second time to a different area in Saxon Switzerland , this time in November 2018 and as you can clearly see the colors changed a lot!
No clue what this is for, but I liked the way it looks.
The “Kuhstall” which means cow staple. It is basically a look through a hole in a mountain.
The “Himmelsleiter” translated meaning stairway to heaven takes you between a really small crack in the rock up to a phonomenal view.
This is the view you get from the top!
Isn’t is stunning?
Autumn, these colors leave me in awe!
This is the path that took me down again.

I hope I’ll have the chance to go explore more in these beautiful area.

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