Slow Boot in Laos

This slow boat trip was a great idea! You can see such a beautiful nature and we had so much fun on the boat playing multiple games and chatting. I meet such nice people with whom I did not only spend the two hours on the boat but also the next seven days in Laos. It was such an international and diverse group and except two English girls that knew each other before we all met on the trip. See some pictures from the trip in the following:

Nature past the Mekon river.
Diverse nature as you can see.
These cuties waving us passing by.
This is the way out slow boat looked like as well.
Sunset before we arrived for our overnight stop.
View out of the hotel we were staying at Muang Pakbรจng. We shared rooms because they did not had a hostel around.
Monks having a bath in the morning.

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