My last episode of this awesome almost eight-month journey though diverse countries in Asia ended in Singapore. First, I didn’t even want to visit Singapore because I thought it is to artificial and not typical Asian. But then I got a really cheap flight back home from there so I decided to stay for four days and this city surprised me so much. Yes, the country doesn’t exist long the way it is now and there are a lot of fancy buildings, the artificial gardens and loads of skyscrapers but at the same time diverse cultures are represented and shape the city. There are areas for each of the bigger cultural groups in the city with their local food and architecture. All these cultures live by each other in peace even though their culture and religions differ they respect each other. So, there are Arabic mosques, churches, Chines temples and many more. At the same time there is still a lot of nature left. You can go hiking in the middle of the city in an awesome rainforest. You can lay at a beach and just walk a few minutes and you’re in the middle of a metropole with every advantages of a big city. I really enjoyed that! I was on my feet the whole time even though it was seriously humid and hot and even thought about moving there one day. But I think I couldn’t handle the heat on the long-term…

Singapore was the best transition I could have had from Asia to Western cultures. Everything was clean and organized and English is the main language. For me it combines the best of Asia and the western world and the best of nature and city. I really adore it and would always come back. At the same time, it kept my mind busy with awesome things to do and kept me away of thinking about returning back home. So, I really enjoyed it. Here are some of my impressions:

Gardens by the bay

So many details in this gardens.
This are the biggest botanical gardens I have ever seen.
View at the famous Marina Bay Sans Hotel.
The famous artificial trees.
… and illuminated by night …
Each night a wonderful light show with musik and lights.
View over the gardens from the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands again.
View at the bay skyline.
Marina Bay Sands, art museum and skyline.
View from the Marina Bay Sands Bar at night. We where lucky to get up for free because it was ladies night.

Mount Faber Park

Tekking through the “jungle” in the middle of the city. On one side the ocean…
On the other side bis skyscraperts…
Walking over this beautiful brigde the “Henderson Waves”…
… and also really beautiful architecture.
Haji Lane, in the Arabic district. There is also a Italian, a Chinese and other areas with national food and architectural style.

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