Sanya, Hainan – China

Sanya is a city south on the island Hainan. It lays at the height of Vietnam and known for the best beaches in China. I can totally confirm that! I was there with two friends of mine from exchange for their birthdays. We decided to take the night train because it was way cheaper than a flight. It was an experience but I think I wouldnโ€™t do it again. It was loud, everyone was eating the whole night, while making sounds, the beds where super small and dirty. The people where staring at us while we tried to sleep, some others did photos. It was very inexpensive, but now I would prefer a bit more investment for less time spend while traveling and a lot more comfort.

In general, Sanya is a nice beach vacation location and you find some nice bars and restaurants but as to me it was all to costumed for the tourists and less the China feeling I enjoy. Still it was the perfect break short before the final exams in our exchange semester. I had the best time with my two boys and would definitely go again.

14 hours night ride in the hard sleeper train. It was rough.


We explored different beaches. First of all, we went to one near our room at the Dadong Sea site. The second was the beach Xiaodonghai at the Intercontinental Sanya. This one was fancier and we used the hotel facilities without actually being allowed two, but since at the end we ordered and payed a few cocktails there I thing that was okay. Last but not least we went to the Yalong Bay. It is a very long sandy beach with lots of hotels and resorts bordering the beach. Still we found a place in the shadows and actually went there for two days because it was so nice. There is a shopping and dining mall nearby. Very touristy, but youโ€™ll find everything you need.

Beachday at the Intercontinental.
Palm trees, blue sky, the perfect relaxation from learning stress.
Intercontinental Bar with a nice view.
Relaxing at the Yalong Bay.
Look at this long and sandy beach.
Happy me!

End of the World

This is the End of the World or at least that is what the Chinese call it, since it is the southern most point in China. Actually, most of the tourist there where Chinese itself. We where not allowed to go into the water, even though a refresh would have been nice since it was really hot. The area around this stones that mark the End of the Word is very touristy again with lots of souvenir shops and so on. We just payed the entrance, had a walk across the coast and took a bus ride back to Sanya to again relax at a beach.

You see the two stones facing away from each other in the back of the picture? This is the southern most point of China.
Rocky beaches and tropical nature.

Luhuitou Park

This park is located on a mountain and gives you a great view over Sanya. We decided to not waist the money on a train that takes you up and instead walked up the mountain which was not a long walk anyway accompanied by lots off wild monkeys. On the top the view in all directions was stunning! I recommend going up an hour or two before sunset and then having a look at the skyline at night as well.

All in all, a nice and relaxing five-day vacation at the beach with a little bit of sightseeing.

Yummy banana.
View to the south tip of Sanya.
Sculpture on top of the mountain.
May I present Phoenix Island a small island with fancy hotels on it that change the color throughout the night and giving you a nice lightshow as well.
I just love cities by night especially if they are at the coast.

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