Québec City – Canada

Some people told me that Québec is worth a short visit and I have to agree. Sadly two out of three day’s it was raining and storming so I wasn’t able to see all of what I had planned to. I went out the first day because it didn’t looked like rain would come soon and returned “home” soaking wet an hour later. Because of the wind my umbrella wasn’t enough. At the same time it was really humid so the 25°C felt way more. I spend the one rainy day just reading and researching for my further journey. Still I really liked what I saw in this cute city the other day with beautiful summer sky.

Luckily I got recommendations to use Poparide for my trips so I didn’t have to spend as much for this trip as the bus was supposed to cost. I don’t even think about taking the train right now, it’s so expensive… Ride share didn’t work for the way back but the ride to Québec from Montréal was really nice and I had a great conversation with a French guy traveling for 4 years now. He gave me some recommendations for my further journey. I love such meetings and they inspire me deeply 😊But enough takings, here the few impressions I have made in Québec.


Éclatement II.
Couln’t see what was burning but five fire fighter trucks drove there.
Old Harbor.
View up the mountain from the harbor.


La Citadelle de Québec – The old city walls.
View from the walls.
Notre-Dame de Québec.
Notre-Dame de Québec from the inside.
Love this roof.
Petit Champlain.
Place Royale.


I hate my fear of hights… This bridge was shaking that much but I still made it across it.
This way down also was hard to handle, but again I made it mostly because I didn’t wanna drive there all for nothing.
Pretty impressive waterfalls.
View from above.

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  1. Rainer und Marion aus Berlin Mitte says:

    Guten Morgen, liebe Mareike, wir freuen uns, dass du in Kanada gut angekommen bist (seelisch und moralisch) Deine 1.Städtebilder sind sehr beeindruckend. Vielleicht sollten wir auch einmal nach Kanada fliegen, natürlich mit Stopp in Island. Super, dass du dich mit dieser Treppe überwunden hast. Ich hätte da auch so meine Probleme gehabt. Und der Wasserfall, einfach gigantisch. Mach weiter so und lass dich vn der wunderschönen Landschaft inspirieren. Wir drücken dich.

    1. Danke ihr Zwei! Ein Besuch lohnt sich in jedem Fall, mir gefällt es bis dato echt sehr gut 😊 Im Englischen Part fühlt man sich jetzt gleich noch viel heimischer. Ganz liebe Grüße nach Berlin 🤗

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