Prague – Czech

Have you ever been to Prague? In my opinion it is highly underrated. It has wonderful historic buildings, awesome food, good beer, nice shopping opportunities, is not far away for someone traveling from Germany and at the same time it is pretty affordable. Being sixteen I already at a school trip to Prague and in 2015 I did another trip to this beautiful city. My goal in this blog is not to list the best places to go, because if you google Prague ton of other sides have already done that. But giving some of my impressions of the cities and countries I have been to. Underneath each picture I note where the picture is taken and that way you will figure out my favorite spots anyway. So, I hope you enjoy and if you have not been to Prague jet, that you will find the chance to be there in the future.

The city hall with the astronomic clock and the Tyn church in the back. All sourounded by a beautiful old town. I would recommend to walk most of the city. You will find adorable places on your way.
This astronomical clock is one of the historic places you definitely need to see in Prague. It is really fascinating to do a free tour and get some more explanations about how it works and why it was built. Absolutely recommend it.

The Charles bridge with the castle as background. At the day ton of artist sell their work on this bridge. Some of them are really good, so take time and if you need a new piece of art, bring some money with you, but don’t forget to bargain. Btw. I had tons of other pictures from this sunset at this bride. It is so beautiful with all it’s sculptures and the skyline of the castle gives it another special touch. So definetly go by day and for sunset.
Prague castle by night.
View over Prague from the castle.
Golden lane in the Prague castle. You can find a ton of cute stores in it.

St. Vitus Cathedral – It is such an impressing building and it is realy hard to get it all on one picture =D
Inside the St. Vitus Cathedral. I am not religious, but I admire the impressing buildings the belief in a god creates or created in the past where the abilities to construct were less driven by machines but still relying on the work of people.

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