Potsdam – Germany

Potsdam is the next city next to Berlin and is part of the state Brandenburg. It has a really cute old town and is especially famous for the Sanssouci Palace and the park around it. I have passed through a couple of times, visiting friends or going on an event or so, but never really took time to explore it. Last autumn I went for a daytrip and explored Potsdam by food. I took so many photographs and was in awe for all the beautiful architecture and lovely buildings in and around the buildings. It will definitely not be the last visit I had in this cute city.

Park Sanssouci

A cute door.
Wine in front of the palace.
The Sanssouci Palace.
Cute construct at the side of the palace.
Look at this beautiful details.
When going though cities, never forget to look up, the view can be really nice.
Details over detials, this palace and the area around was build so lovely.
Building near the palace.
Historic windmill.
The orangerie palace with lots of plants in it.
What a beautiful statue.
The new palais.
Behind the new palais.
If you love fireworks, go visit the Feuerwerkssymphony once a year in Potsdam.

Old town

Brandenburger Tor.
The Dutch area in Potsdam.

Water site

Werder, not particularly Postdam but its borders Potsdam so I included this water shot.
Again Potsdam from the water this time by a small motor boat.
Raft ride with friends in Potsdam with this beautiful buildings at the side.

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