Osaka – Japan

As far as what I heard before Osaka mostly loses as not being worthy to spend time at. Most of the people I met just traveled though without having a longer look at it. What a pity. I only had two days there but I did not regret it at all and had a great time. I challenged my fear of heights on the skywalk and the Osaka Castle, drove into the Japanese culture by being the only tourist on a huge temple area and strolled through busy streets.

Umeda Sky Building

Remember me being afraid of hights? I had to challenge it again by going up the Umeda Sky Building. This escalators in the middle of nowhere nearly gave me a hard attak and the glass elevator as well.
But as you can see, the view was worth it!
I had the good luck to choose a day where there was a guy with a telescope at the sky walk. This shot was actually taken by my phone through the telescope!
Osaka by night.
Dotonbori, the street in Osaka to go eather shopping by day, eating for lunch and dinner or going out by night.

Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine

Again I left the tourist pass just by taking a train for 20 minutes to the Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine and oh my, it was worth it!

I hat the honor to witness anther traditional wedding.
Have I mentioned that I do love lantens and lights in all it shapes?!
The temple was full of dressed up kidds. As someone told me afterwards I must have been there around the Shichi Go San festival for kids of the age of 7, 5 and 3.

Osaka Castle

You can actually klimp this castle while each story gives place to a beautiful museum…
… and on top of it you will have a great view!

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