Olongapo – Philippines

You want a bit of vacation feeling not far from Manila? Olongapo is supposed to be for wealthier tourist but still we choose to go there to get a glimpse of the Philippine beaches and its underwater life. We took a beginner’s class of diving where we each had a supervisor underwater with us. It was beautiful and I will definitely want to make my diving license! Olongapo also has a lot of different tourist trip possibilities. You can go to an adventure park where you can do diverse activities in the height of the tropical trees. I don’t know why, but this time I had not trouble with my fear of height at all. There are parks where locals show you how to survive in the tropical rainforest. You can also enjoy a beach at a resort and further more. For a few days that’s fine for me, in the long time I am not the resort vacation type of traveler. But it was a nice end of a chaotic time on the Philippines. I still hope that some day I will have the luck to go back to the Philippines exploring the smaller islands this time as well.

Adventure park, can you spot me in the middle of this huge trees? 😉
First time diving in the ocean for me! I absolutely loved it! We had a beginners trip at the Boardwalk Dive Center.
Demonstration for better education in the Philippines.
At leas a tiny little bit of beach feeling at the Philippines at the Camayan Beach Resort.
Last real day on the Philippines.

By the way, English as an exception for many other Asian countries is no problem at all! Due to being a colony in the past all the people we met where fluent in English which made travelling so easy.

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