Nordrhein-Westfalen – Germany

This week I visited one of my best and at the same time oldest friend in her new hometown Rheinbach in Nordrhein-Westfalen. We know each other since she was born almost 31 years ago. She got married last Thursday and I was honored to join the celebration as her bridesmaid. It was a really cute and loving wedding. Apart from that we also managed to visit Bonn the next big city. Went to a small town named Bad Münstereifel and on our way to get there we enjoyed the view over diverse wine fields covered in snow.

Since my last post was about honoring our origins and therefore the next post will show some cities or regions though Germany, I have been able to visit. Germany is so diverse on so many different levels. The people from the south, north, east and west but also sometimes from cities nearby have different dialects, cultures, mindsets, food and further more. But also, the nature ranges from a beautiful coastline (see my former post about the German Baltic Sea), to mountains, big cities and so much more. I do really love my country and enjoy exploring new places as I did this week but also did in the past. Stay tuned for the next days if you are interested in Germany.

Bonn on a snow day.
I do love the winter. Here also in Bonn.
Some decoration as a must have.
Mister and Misses <3
Snowy sunset in Rheinbach after a great day.
View over Dernau.
Dernau from above.
Bad Münstereifel with its cute architecture.
This town is so cute!
This cute village is not only nice to visit for its architecture but also for its diverse outlet stores. So feel free to catch some nice deals.

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