Nikko – Japan

Nikko is a cute little town around an hour by train and then bus from Tokyo. Perfect for a daytrip. I heard of the ton of beautiful temples in this town and the beautiful mountain nature around it. That is what brought me there and Nikko held what it promised. I don’t know why, but especially all the details in the decorations of the temples fascinated me so much that this time I used the zoom function on my camera so many times as you will see in the following.

These Këgon Falls are really tall you actually go down with an elevator to have full view at it.
Cute little figurine, especially loved the hair style.
The Lake Chuzenji feeded my need for a cool breeze and a view over a sea, lake or river. I am so much in love with water.
I don’t remember each temple name because there where so many nearby. But you can easily explore them all by food on a day.
A white and golden arch at Tōshō-gū.
Finally I know where this comes from – Nikkō Tōshō-gū.
Shinkyo bridge in a beautiful autumn nature.
I sayed as long as I could before the sun went down.

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