Niagara Falls – Canada

The Niagara Falls do actually consist of two falls, the American Falls as well as the Horseshoe Falls, the bigger one of the two. You can access them from the USA too, but the view from the Canadian side is way better, because you see them from the front. I knew that this is going to be a touristic spot, but it’s a once in a lifetime thing, so I had to visit and I have no regrets. I never saw such impressing waterfalls before. All the water masses passing those waterfalls are so impressive. Btw. I know I was short behind the main season and to me it wasn’t as many tourists as I expected. I never had a problem to get a great view and my wait to get on one of the boats was not even 15 minutes. So, no worries, just go if you have the chance 😊

At the same time, Niagara Falls was my first goal on my very own road trip. So far, I have only been traveling by rideshare or bus but since the lower season started outside of the bigger cities it is hard to find some to drive with and the busses are mostly not running anymore. Since I set the goal for myself to travel from east to west without flying, I decided to rent a car myself and drive on my own. I rented it in Toronto and drove south to see the falls. But I wasn’t on my own for long. In the hostel at night I met a woman who I became friends with at Algonquin Provincial park. Like me she stayed there over a week to enjoy the nature and relaxation. We met again on coincidence, but I was really happy to spend some more time with her. She decided to join me for the first few days of my roadtrip. She also took me to see Niagara-on-the-lake, a very cute town north from the Niagara Falls and there we had some great treats from a local bakery.

What’s there to see beside the falls… Well… I can’t really tell you. There are lots of casinos if you are into them (I totally skipped them) and some hikes are supposed to be nice, but we choose the cute town instead. I just planned half a day and one night there to see the falls at daylight and with the lights at night, but for me that was totally fine. If I’ll go again, I’ll probably try the trails, but who knows when and if that is going to happen. So here you go, my impressions:

The Niagara River, such beautiful color!
If you wander what this is, these are whirlpool rapids and as you can see the birds gather around to catch fish that get into them. Very picturesque to me.
Prefer a frame? Here you go 😉
At the water front you have a large amount of very cute houses, villas or mansions. Can imagine that the price for those is high…
The Rainbow International Bridge on which you cross from Canada to the USA,
The American Falls with the platform you can only access from the USA, but not worries, Canadians don’t need a platform, they have the greatest view ever 😉
American Falls from the water site. This rainbow popt on an off all the time.
The Horseshoe Falls, they make a U form (that is why they have that name), that is why you can’t really see the middle behind all the fog.
Yes, better wear these, I still got wet though…
… and so did my camera. That is why I didn’t do pictures too close, cause I don’t want to kill my camera…
Here you see how high the fog, mist, how ever you want to call it gets.
Aren’t all those water masses impressive?
Better don’t jump down these…
At night the falls are iluminated by changing colors, so I waited to see that happen.
Here you see the American Falls on the left and the big Horseshoe Falls on the right.
Couln’t decide which color I like more 😉
At 10pm there is also a short firework show, but I didn’t know that the best location would be in front of the American Falls… My bad…
A glimps of the cute Niagara-on-the-lake town.

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  1. Sibylle says:

    Hallo Mareike,
    maybe you`re a little bit surprised to hear from me..!? Carola gave me your e -mail contact four weeks ago … and since that time I `m following your messages with great curiosity and joy. Especially your brilliant focus to make pictures impresses me !!!
    For example: the fantastic photos of the colored Niagara Falls…

    Anyway I really want to say you how proud I`m of you – and your way of life – GREAT, MAREIKE !!! SUPER – WELL – DONE !!!!
    I ´m sooo glad that you live your dreams ( and don`t dream your life).
    That`s (perhaps??) the same feeling, which your MUM and I had when we left Berlin 24 years ago. It was the BEST time of my life and I´m soo happy that we have done it….even if it was not always easy for you and your sister. I KNOW this !!!

    Breaking out of everyday life – and especially travelling around the world – is such a wonderful experience and make life so colorful and varied.
    I have been in Canada last year with my sister Susie – living in Oregon. And I liked it soo much, that we decided to travel again in September 2020…..!!!
    I like the Canadian people so much – unbelievable friendly and so different from “our”
    We plan to stay a few days in VANCOUVER and then we want to stay 2 weeks on Vancouver Island.
    It would be the harshest if YOU would be there: at the same time – at the same place !???
    But it´s still a long time until next September.
    So that means that you travel the next months around this beautiful country and I wish you
    wonderful encounters, good luck with your rented car, good places to sleep and in the fantastic nature to relax.
    I ´m already looking forward to hear from you
    lovely wishes

    1. Liebe Sybille,
      ich mache es mir mal einfach und antworte dir in Deutsch 😉 Vielen lieben Dank für deine Nachricht! Es freut mich zu hören, dass dir der Blog bzw. meine Fotos gefallen und du stolz auf mich bist 🙂 Photographie ist mittlerweile eines meiner liebsten Hobbies geworden und auf dieser Reise lerne ich täglich dazu dies noch zu verbessern.
      Bezogen auf diese Auszeit hat es hat mich eine längere Zeit gebraucht diesem Traum zu folgen und es einmal für eine längere Zeit im Ausland zu versuchen. Noch mit offenem Ausgang, ob es mich wieder zurück in die Heimat zieht oder nicht wird sich zeigen. Zunächst ein Jahr und dann sehen wir mal 🙂
      Ja, ich kann ziemlich gut nachvollziehen was euch damals mit uns im Schlepptau ins Ausland gezogen hat. War ja auch für uns eine spannende Zeit, auch wenn ich damals gerade die Familie in der Heimat sehr vermisst habe. Die Zeit hat mich definitiv sehr beeinflusst und zum Glück kann ich noch immer fließend Spanisch.
      Mami hat mir erzählt, dass du von Kanada auch sehr begeistert warst! Mein Visum geht zunächst nur bis zum Anfang August, daher bin ich evtl. im September nicht mehr hier. Aber wer weiß wie es bis dahin aussieht 😉 Ende September werde ich jedenfalls voraussichtlich zu einer Hochzeit nach New Jersey fliegen, aber wie du sagst, ist das ja noch ein Weile hin. In Vancouver bin ich ab dem 04.10. und bin gespannt wie ist es. Wahrscheinlich werde ich versuchen mir dort einen Job zu suchen und dort “überwintern”. Die Vancouver Islands stehen definitiv auch noch an! Bin einige Zeit hier mit einer Frau aus Victoria gereist und sie werde ich sicher auch besuchen.
      Danke dir jedenfalls für all deine lieben Wünsche, bis jetzt ist es wirklich schön und ich genieße es voll und ganz!
      Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten Canmore (bin gerade in den Rockies)

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