New York II – USA

It was not my fist visit to New York. The fist time I was able to visit this beautiful city was back in 2012. I already posted about it. New York, oh what this city does to me. It was my first oversea and my first single trip. It was great to come back and relive this experience. It is still a great city and I really enjoyed it. Especially since this time me cousin from Vineland and another friend from Berlin live in New York, so I had some locals to explore some parts with. Sure, they had to work, so I was mostly on my own and really enjoyed it. The weather was great, not to hot, but mostly clear sky and sunlight and I explored some parts again and some new ones I havenโ€™t been to before. But I canโ€™t really explain how New York makes me feel, I have so many โ€œfavoriteโ€ spots in this city and I prefer to show you:


Streets of Manhatten up from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Graffiti and the One World building in the background.
The Brooklyn Bridge one of the most popular places in New York. Who can’t blame it, it’s beautiful!
As you can see you will never have such a place for you ๐Ÿ˜‰
Again the Brooklyn Bridge walking up at the riverside.
Brooklyn Brigde against the light.
Williamsburg Bridge <3
I really love the architecture of bridges!
Sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge.

East River Side

View at Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge park.
Skyline at dusk.
Love this view.
Skyline at night.
Art in the city.
It was a long walk from the brooklyn bridge up to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge…
… but I passed by really cute places and even relaxed at a beach.


Isn’t this graffiti great art?
This apartment building shure has a unique architecture.
Harbor at the hudson river side.
Hudson river park – Great to relax during a hot day.
Irish Hunger Memorial
Touristy things and I thought she is kind of cute.
And this is obviously weird =D
Squirrels are all over the New York parks – Still they are really cute to me.
Korean War Memorial.
Sunset over New Jersey from the Huson River Park. One of my favorites places to process a long and beautiful day in New York.
North Cove Yacht Harbor.
Sunset north Manhattan.
As mentioned I perfer to walk in a city, even if it is dark already.
Relaxing while being spyed by this racoon in the Central Park.
Ending the day again at the Times Square.
Strolling north from the Central Park.
The Vessel, still under construction one year ago and my cousin and I where wondering what it is going to be.
The High Line Park, a great park to relax.
The High Line was a former train track.
Just another street of Manhattan. I really love just walking through this city.
Central Park has so many different cites.
The Central Park Zoo.

World Center Area

View from the One World Observatory.
Overcomming my fear of heights.
The Empire State building, an important part of the Manhattan Skyline.
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge from the top.
The Infinity Pool and Westfield World Trade Center.
One World Trade Center.
Inside the museum about 9/11… It really touched me…
Peace for the world…
Westfield World Trade Center.
The last day was actually quite cloudy but at the last view back the One World Building gave me a last look through.
The metro system brings you to most places, it just might need some rennovation ๐Ÿ˜‰

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