Nara – Japan

Nara, known as the deer town and sure that is what it is. Lots of deer that are not shy at all and are happy to get a snack from you. But apart from the deer it has beautiful parks and temples. All in walkable distance for a nice daytrip either from Osaka or Kyoto by a short train trip.

So peaceful.
The Kasuga-Taisha is in the middle of a beautiful park.
Lanterns in all shapes with so many different details at the temple.
She was supposed to pose for me, they parents made there do it but she was to shy to look at me ๐Ÿ˜€
She was looking for food, but I didn’t had any for her. You can buy healthy cookies for the deer at multiple street shops and they will eat out of your hand.
The huge Todaiji Temple.
The biggesd Buddha in Japan – Really impressing! On the picture it doesnt event look that big. But now you know why the temple is so huge (see the picture above).

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