Manitoulin Island – Canada

From the Niagara Falls I drove up with my friend to firstly have a stopover in Owen Sound. We would have needed to start really early to catch the last ferry and this way we had an afternoon at the Georgian Bay. Next morning, we drove up to Tobermory to catch the ferry and with a lovely drive set over to Manitoulin Island. On the one side you see the Georgian Bay and on the other Lake Huron and it feels like being on a cruise on the ocean and not a huge lake. You see diverse islands but sometimes you just have the horizon. It was so relaxing. We stayed on a farm in the middle of nature and relaxed there. My friend had to leave after a day, but I was happy to have some more time with her and loved the talks while driving. I stayed for two more nights to explore the island and also enjoyed the company of my host. She is surely a individual but with a great heart. I found out, that he has a similar story to my mom and that made me relate to her even more.. One day sadly was full of rain, but I used it to relax and talk with her and I used the other days to hike and explore the island. If you have some time traveling west you should definitely have a short stopover on this huge island. It is actually the largest island in fresh water. But again, here you go with my impressions.

Owen Sound

Walking by the bayshore.
Dead birch or apsen trees by the water. Never can tell them appart….

Ferryride from Tobermory

This cute house is right beside the dock.
This is by the way my beautiful (rented) car squezed in the ferry.
Can’t believe this is a lake… Feels like being on the ocean…
We passed by so many cute islands.

Manitoulin Island

Providence Bay.
Rocky beach also at Providence Bay.
On the Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail. I guess this sign has been sitting there for some years…
And here you go. The island basically consists of trees, rocks and lakes.
These cuties were all over in some areas.
Part of the path.
Can anyone tell me the difference between aspen or birch? What ever it is, I love it ๐Ÿ™‚
So many beautiful rock formations in the middle of the woods.
Don’t know what happend to this tree, but looks like it burned down, maybe because or a lightning..?
Bridal Veil Falls.
This beautuful tree grows right at the edge of the waterfall.
You can also walk behind it. With the woman you can see the scale.
Some long term exposure. I’m still lerning ^_^
Kagawong Lighthouse.
Met an Armish group at the East Bluff Lookout. They waved at me but were to shy to talk to me but their diver did and was really nice. I couln’t immagine living like that.
Gore Bay from the lookout.
Treasure Island and as my host told me the natives tell the story that it is the granma of a giant tha fell down into the lake. But I don’t know if I remember it correctly. It’s a uniquely shaped island in the middle of a lake on Manitoulin Island.
Jet another lookout near highway 6.

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