Mandalay – Myanmar

Boat ride from Bagan to Mandalay

I decided to do a day cruise from Bagan to Mandalay. A bit of luxury is nice sometimes and it wasnโ€™t that expensive. The Irrawaddy River took us north to Mandalay. It was beautiful and relaxing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were included and we also were able drinks on the boat. Not the typical low budget way of travelling, I know, but I was in need of rest and some time for processing. Sunrise and sunset and the time in between was really picturesque.

Sunrise on the boat.
The boat with a nice deck were we enjoyed view and sun. Underneath there were super confortable seats like on a fancy airplane.
Arriving at Mandalay. This temple with a big buddha was at the side of the river.
Stunning sunset at the cruise.

Dee Dote Waterfall

This time I decided to spend the time in the more expensive but nicer Ostello Bello and it was a really good decision. I met really nice people and we also did a day trip organized from the hostel to a waterfall and the natural pool in front of it. It was really fun and the water nice and cooling at a a hot day.

Natural pool underneath the waterfall.
This unique butterflies were all over. Each one of them had a different pattern. So beautiful!


Mandalay is a big city with so many diverse temples, pagodas or shrines, how ever you want to call them. They are all so unique and wonderful. I recommend hiking up the tons of stairs up the Mandalay Hill for sunset and a view over the city. Apart from that the U-Bein Bridge offers the best sunset I have ever seen so far. We took each a motorcycle taxi because it is faster to drive that way to the city because it is stuffed with crazy traffic. The ride was so much fun and the view afterwards really rewarding. I spent three days in Mandalay and taking the plane on the third one.

Sunset at the U-Bein bridge, the oldes an longes teak wood bridge in the world.
I could have been taken sooo many pictures of this beautiful sunset! One of the best I have ever seen so far.
The ancient Shwenandaw Monastery is carved out of wood.
The Kuthodaw Pagoda is special for all its small white pagodas and the view to the Mandalay hill.
This temple was at the tip of the Mandalay Hill. I don’t remember its name though. It might have been the Yadanabon San Kyaung.
I don’t really get why, but Burmese love lights! Each Pagoda inside and outside mostly has very colorfull lights at night… Here at least the view at Mandalay Hill looks nice.
Bye, bye Myanmar, you gave one of the best experiences I had so far in Southeastasia!

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