Magdeburg – Germany

Magdeburg was one of the cities I commuted to for almost two years weekly starting for only three months in 2015 and fulltime in October 2017 after my master studies. It was my duty as a team lead to visit each branch at least once a week. Dresden also was one of them. Sometimes I stayed in a hotel, but mostly it was just a daytrip. Still some nice pictures where taken during this time. It is a cute city in east Germany and even if I wouldn’t want to live there it is nice for a daytrip. I said my good byes on the third of July and I am thankful for the trust the team had in me and how well they all worked together so it was an easy job for me to lead this branch. Still I learned and grew with this duty. But for now, I’ll leave the team and this cute city to my successor. In the following you’ll have some of my impressions from the last years in Magdeburg.

The Grüne Zitadelle from Hunderdwasser. A individually designed building.
The Dome at sunrise.
Behind the Dome. I do love ivy! This shot is from 2015.
This photograph is from 2018. You can see how nature takes ower.
Hubbrücke Magdeburg with a lot of personalized parts on the floor or at the side.
Of course it also has some love lockers on it. Can you spot the hidden dome?
The Elbe offers nice possibilities for a walk.
The Elbe in winter 2019.
View over Magdeburg. Not for tourists though, it was part of a job meeting because of a case of insurance on this roof top.
Colorful area in the northwest of Magdeburg.
The Jahrtausendturm is part of the Elbauenpark where you can do diverse outdoor activities.
I really love ancient lanterns and they are all over the old town in Magdeburg.
Sculptures in front of the townhall.
Deer pillar near the townhall.
Spring in Magdeburg.
Cannon at the Elbe front.
Sculpture of a soldier returning home.
Magdalenenkapelle with another lantern.

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