Macau – China

The “Las Vegas” of China, that is what Macau is also known for. I’m not much into gambling, so I just played on a few slot machines, but some of our guys really got into it. Anyway, even if like me you are not into gambling, it is still worth a visit if you are in the area. They really reconstructed some of the famous casinos from Las Vegas.

The Grand Lisboa.
Inside one of the casinos, if I remember rightly, it was the Venetian.
Where might that got stolen from? 😉
So many glamour and details.

Macau is a special administrative region so we also needed the temporary residence visa to get there as an exchange student in China. It is just a short boat ride away from Hong Kong as well. I spend a weekend with some friends in this crazy city. It has unique mixture of Portuguese and Chinese architecture. We had the famous Portuguese Pasteis de Nata and just around the corner fine Chinese cuisine. I love this diversity. But pictures tell more than words so here you’ll have some impressions.

Guia Lighthouse.
The architecture inspired by Portugal.
Ruins of St. Paul’s in the middle of tourist chaos.
Old but scenic.
View from the Fortress of Guia.
Smog and tropic nature in the middle of the city.
View from Sky 21 bar.

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