London – United Kingdom

In June 2017 I explored London for the second time in my life. I do adore this city and that didn’t change almost 15 year later. This city has so much history, architecture, sightseeing spots and many more to offer. The British accent will always be my favorite way of speaking English. That is a matter of taste, I know, but due to that being in England is a pleasure for my eyes and ears. London again made me shoot so many photos and I tried to scale it down a bit, so I did not include every place I went to, but my favorite ones are included. Hope you enjoy it.

The Buckingham Palace.
I acually saw three weddings in London and all Asian couples 
๐Ÿ˜€ This one in fron of the Palace of Westminster.
Side wing of Westminster Abbey.
Old and modern combined.
Tower Bridge.
Millennium Bridge.
View from the top of the Tape Gallery of Modern Art.
The Big Ben under construction.
London Eye – I actually never went on top of it.
Under construction.
A telefon box and a bus – The typical London symbols.
Aren’t there the best traffic signs ever?!

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I am and was since my late childhood a huge Harry Potter fan. The books made me escape reality and let my fantasy go crazy. I canโ€™t even explain why this world fascinates me so much, but this tour made me feel like a child for a few hours and it was really worth it! Sure, the entrance is really expensive and you have to book a train to get there, but to me as a fan I would always go again. You have to book the tickets in advance, I think I booked mine three months before and only got a place during the week. If you enjoy Harry Potter as much as I do this is a must see!

Hogwards great hall.
Time is ticking…
The phoenix, especially if it leads to Dumbledores office, is my favorite mystical creature!
Crazy picture of me drinking a very sweet but tasty butterbeer.
Still wayting for my letter…

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