Leuven – Belgium

Leuven is a super cute city near Brussels and I visited it for half a day on the way from Maastricht to Brussels. In French it is called Leuven and in Dutch Lรถwen, which means lions. I started in the surroundings and then made my way into the city. I had some bad luck with the weather and it was raining in between a couple of times. Still, I really enjoyed this short visit. In the following my impressions:

Abdij van Park

Arenberg kasteel

Grote Markt – City Center

Historisch Stadhuis van Leuven – Town hall
Never not look up ๐Ÿ˜‰
Loving details.
Such a beautiful work. Look at all those details.
Town hall and the Saint Pieters Church shotly before the rain.
Sint-Pieterskerk shortly after the rain.

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