Leipzig – Germany

My last blogs presented my view of Magdeburg and Dresden, both cities I commuted to on a regular basis. In March another branch was opened by me, this time in Leipzig. Because of that since December 2018 I started traveling to Leipzig more often. On the one hand to find office space and on the other to have interviews with possible employees. It was a great experience for me and succeded very good. Still it didn’t made me stay. My goodbye with mostly fairly new employees took part on the eight of July as the last of my three branches. It has only six employees by now and we are still recruiting more. For all branches in total I raised the employees from 17 to now 41 in total. It was hard work to find the right fits and a few of them failed in between but I always tried my best to enhance team work and take my time for each of them. I’ll really miss this personal component of my job since I don’t know what my next job is going to be like. Apart from the job Leipzig is a great city and who knows if I might come back in the future to this vivid city. But so far my impressions from my after hour walks:

Old Town

Sculptures near the Augustus place.
In front of the Nikolai Church.
Riquet cafe for exquisite cake and coffee.
Old townhall.
Market place.
Peterskirche covered in golden light.
Thomas Church.
The old stock exchange.
The old stock exchange in Leipzig, Germany
Reflections and combination of old and new architecture.
Leipzig University.
Gewandhaus zu Leipzig.
Augustus Place by night.
Augustus Place by day, both shot from the Motel One lounge.

Völkerschlacht Memorial

Reflection of the Völkerschlacht Memorial
Inside the memorial.
View from the memorial.
What a cute city.

Crematorium & Cemetery

View from the Völkerschlacht Memorial over to the Crematorium & Cemetery.
Can you spot the small moon?

Have you heard of the Wave Gothic Treffen alias WGT which takes place each year in Leipzig? It is the biggest festival spread through the city of Leipzig where Gothics gather together from all over the world. I actually was a fan of this kind of music in my teenage till early twenty years and mostly dressed up in this sometimes romantic, sometimes freaky black look. Most of my friends went to this festival each year and prepared their outfits month in advance. I never really had the money to join them because even the ticket costs a lot and a hotel room on this weekend is super expensive. Most of my friends spend around 500€ or even more for this weekend, which marks the highlight of their year, but it never was worth it to me. It was funny to me that due to my business trip to Leipzig this time I witnessed the last day of this festival. I used the after hour to visit the Völkerschlacht memorial and randomly bumped into a guided tour full of gothics that took place at a huge cemetery near the memorial. I didn’t really took part in the tour but shot a couple of pictures when they passed by me and just walked over the huge shady cemetery. Weird feeling being confronted about how I might have looked like back then. I get why people enjoy this style, it is just not my world anymore. Still it warmed up some great memories from my teenage years 😊 Here you’ll have some impressions and this is how the whole city looks like on the WGT weekends and I was just there on a Monday.

Corsett and umbrealla is a typical gothic style.
Horns, sunglasses, black but one colorful girl in the middle of all.
They where all walking behind the guide.
Even the kids dress up 🙂
The creamatorium from behinde.
Kind of reminded me of an apocalipse movie 😉
You can’t argue that they really care about there looks.
Even if you’re not into cemetrys, this one is huge with becautiful sculpures and offers a lot to see.
Leaving the gothics behind 😉

Zoo Leipzig

The biggest zoo I have ever been to with lots of space for the diverse animals. I did a daytrip with two friends to visit this great zoo and we spent over 8 hours strolling around this zoo taking photos and being faszinated by flora and fauna.

The Book Hotel Leipzig was my home for the last couple of month for a few nights each week. If you’ll visit Leipzig I would hardly recommend the Book Hotel Leipzig. It is made with lovely details, you find a ton of books to read on the hallways or in the rooms and they have a delicious breakfast. I would always stay there again and it felt a little bit like comming home each week. Btw. this is not sponsored and the hotel has no clue that I’m recommenting them 😉

Now you have an impression of the beautiful city of Leipzig. I’m glad that I had the chance to explore the city while being on work trips each week due to my team lead position. This chapter has now ended after two years and ten months while being part of the company since October 2013. In my next blog post you will find out that I’m not only saying my good byes to my coworkers and employees but also to friends and family.

Thank you very much for your time and interest. I hope you are enjoying my blog. Feel free to follow and leave me feedback. I am thankful for every advice and happy to answer questions. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for photography and stories or FindPenguins where I track my journey to get a general overview. I am happy to see you back soon.

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