Kyoto – Japan

Oh boyโ€ฆ This city! If you love temples, shrines and everything related to Buddhism and Japanese culture, then you will fall in love with this city! I visited all the popular temples and some smaller ones, each of them so different and beautiful in its own way. Still there would have been even more for me to explore, so take some time to explore Kyoto. I did all by bicycle, even though it was raining in between. It is all reachable by bike, even if sometimes you will have to go up the hill a little. But it saves you money and keeps you fit and flexible at the same time.

When I plan what I want to explore in a city I always mark the points of interests on an offline map, mostly the night before I get there or the same night when I arrive late. Then I can combine places nearby and organize my trips. Additionally you can use it without internet connetion on the way. It makes it so much easier. At the same time, I always save some buffer time in case I bump into something unexpected in between and that is mostly what happens, especially when you go by food or bicycle. You will always find cute placed you didnโ€™t even have in mind before.

I decided to not write to much for each place, just some small descriptions under each picture. Believe me, they speak for themselves.

Fushimi-Inari Shrine

I walked through thousants of this “gates”!
It takes you up the hill and the only persons jumping up easy where these kids.


The golden temple.


Dressed up girls.
Not just a beautiful temple but a great view as well.

Hogonin and Arashiyama

Zhen garden at the Hogonin Temple.
Bamboo grove, Arashiyama.


Make a wish!
View at Ginkaku-ji.


Old viaduct near Nanzen-ji.
Modern kimonos.


Zen garden.
Never saw this type of trees before.

Murin An

Cute little garden hidden behinde walls in the middle of the city โ€“ I had a traditional green tea while relaxing. 


Now you know – Sadly I didn’t managed to see a Geisha, one just rushed around the corner and I saw her from behind for less than a second.

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