Visiting Iceland was a dream of mine for many years but I always thought it is to expensive. I’m not a fan of organized bus tours and therefore I hoped for someone to join me to share cost for rooms and transportation. Since one of the cheapest options for me to fly to the east coast of Canada was via Reykjavik, I decided to extend the stayover and asked around. Luckily my aunt always wanted to go as well we just never talked about it. This is why we decided to rent a car for a week and explore the south of Iceland. Driving around whole Iceland would have been to much of a hustle so we decided to choose three locations to stay at and do daytrips from them staying at in the south. The first one was in Hella, let’s say after the first third of the south. The second one in Hof at round about two thirds right beside the biggest glacier of Iceland. The last one was in Grindavik south from Reykjavik and I had one last night in Reykjavik after my aunt flew back to Germany. It was really nice to have a family member around after leaving Germany for a longer period of time. I’m still not realizing how big the step I made is and she made the start a lot easier. We got along really well and had similar expectations and I would always do it again 😊

I decided to not make this blog chronological because we saved up some spots for the way back because we had to drive most of the way double and this would make this blog quite unorganized. This is why I will start documenting in the west till the further east of Iceland. I’ll warn you, since I really fell in love with this unique island this will be one of the longest blogs so far. Sorting out all the pictures I took was a struggle but here you go


Miðlína – Bridge between continents.
On the left side you see the European and on the right the American Continental Plate.
Our cutie for the road trip.
Gunnuhver Hot Springs.
Brimketill lava rock pool – Our dinner spot one day 🙂

Blue Lagoon

Super relaxing, not as crowded as expected, but also quite expensive.


Town Hall.
Lake Tjörnin.
Special from the outside and simple on the inside.
On top of the Hallgrimskirkja.
The Harpa.
Inside the Harpa.
What a view from the city.
Þúfa – A small grass “mountain” to climb in the harbor.
Harpa from the harbor sight.
We did a whale watching trip and actually saw some dolfins and two wales from the distance. Sadly I didn’t managed to make great pictures of it, but still it was great.

Such a cute city! Click on the pictures to enlage.

Loved all the graffiti spread through the city!

Sun Voyager.
Höfði lighthouse.
The Grótta Island Lighthouse with such a strong wind around.
I wanna learn kite surfing!

Thingvellir National Park


They actually blow up evers 5 to 10 minutes with variating hights.

Gullfoss Waterfall

The biggest waterfall I have ever seen!
Yes we got wet 😉

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Smaller than Gullfoss, but it appears higher…
… and you can actually walk behind it …
… just wear a rain jacket 😉

Drangurinn í Drangshlíð

A few cute and very old houses are build into this rock.
As you see you can also climb on the rock 😉

Skógafoss Waterfall

I do not agree that Iceland is to full with tourists, sure some of the most famous spots like this one get crowded, but as soon as you go a bit further apart from the road you quickly see less tourists. Also, be honest, I have seen way more tourist than in Iceland…
Rainbow over Skógafoss Waterfall.
Just behind Skógafoss Waterfall. We just wanted to see around the next corner and ended up hiking for around three hours while passing by diverse waterfalls one different to each other and really enjoyed the sunny day.
This High Peaks Waterfall was actually my favorite with another rainbow and just a few other tourists around.

Sólheimajökull Glacier

Love the color the lava gave the ice.
A rare picture of me 🙂


This is where a lot of puffins nest in summer and you have a great view over the surrounding beaches and landscapes.
Can you spot the puffin?


Yet another one, I do love my zoom lens, even though the range could be bigger.

Beside the way

Diverse places where I’m not sure anymore where we found them, but they where all near the road driving east on the south road.

The landscape in Iceland varies so much and thus lead to the driving gone by quickly.
Every few minutes you either drive past some horses, sheeps or sometimes some cows 🙂
The grass on the other side is always greener. This newborn cuty was super curious.
A traditional thing to do is to position a rock for a save journey.

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Not far from here was a view point with another waterfall, but I failed to go on it, because the ground was just out of mesh…


Can you spot jet another waterfall? 😉

Falljokull Glacier

Five hour hike on the glacier well equipted. It was tough some times, but absolutely worth it!
A super deap hole with water running trough. I believe our guide called it a mulan.


The Hofskirkja an old church just beside our hotel.
Cemetery behind the church.
One of the few places on earth where it really makes scence to have such a car…
Our neighbors in Hof.

Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

The smallest of the two lagoons around the biggest glacier area in iceland. Still impressive.
Doesn’t the glacier form some sort of a heart up in the left corner? So beautiful.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

One of my favorite places in Iceland!
We had the luck to see multiple seals playing around in the water.
Look at all those colors, I loved it!

Diamond Beach

Each step you moved and each wave that came changed the look of the beach and I took oh so many pictures.

The longest blog I ever had, just because Iceland is so stunning! I wanted to devide it into a couple of blogs but since the internet in the hostel is that bad it took me ages to upload the photos anyway, so I just put it all together. Took me three days btw using the best hours online when less people are at the hostel… Finally it is done and I hope you’ll liked it 🙂

Thank you very much for your time and interest. I hope you are enjoying my blog. Feel free to follow and leave me feedback. I am thankful for every advice and happy to answer questions. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for photography and stories or FindPenguins where I track my journey to get a general overview. I am happy to see you back soon.

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