Hiroshima – Japan

Hiroshima, an historic city even though most of the historic buildings where destroyed. It has a different vibe than the other cities I have been to in Japan, but I think it was absolutely worth to go! It is not just about the sad part of history, but some temple areas got reconstructed and give a glimpse of how it used to be like. This are the places I went to:

Miyajima Island

I arrived for lunch, brought my backpack to the hostel (yes, I do only travel with a backpack and not other luggage because it is so much easier if you switch places often, I will post about what I carry with me for the next trip I make in real time) and decided to leave for this cute island for high tide. It was lovingly. It is a very touristic spot, but only for the water front till the arch. The Floating Torii for sure is an eye catcher and the temple and pagodas around as well. I mostly skipped the tourist stores though which cover the street on your way to get there. As soon as you go just a little deeper into the woods or even up the mountain it is calm and you’re almost on yourself, if you don’t count multiple deer around you. The time before sunset wasn’t enough to hike up the mountain but I heard the view is gorgeous. So, if you have the time, tell me how it was.

Deers everywhere on this island.
Temple and torii in the back.
The famous Miyajima Floating Torii. In water on high tide and you can walk till it with low tide.
Aren’t they cute? 🙂
Komyoin pagoda a little bit up the mountain.
Sunset while leaving Miyajima.

Mitaki-dera Temple

Not far from Hiroshima, just around 15-30 minutes by train and then walking another 15-20 minutes you will find this peaceful temple area. It was by far my favorite spot in Japan! Other temples might be more impressing if it comes to architecture, but this spot made my heart feel calm and happy. I was almost on my own, just two or three Japanese passed by during the around half a day I spend there and only one tourist left the train with me. It is not a main tourist spot because it is hidden in the mountains and nothing else of interest is around it. But that is what made it even more lovable. I occasionally bumped on it though a post someone made in a forum where the rated a different temple in Hiroshima. He advised to take the ride to get there because this one here is much more beautiful and I can confirm. I never had such quiet in ages, I think. I just wanted to stay for an hour and at the end skipped the rest of what I had planned to explore this temple. It is spread though the mountains with different Shrines, Pagodas, Sculptures and many more. The whole decoration is presented so lovingly and in harmony with the nature around it. I would always go again!

One of the pagodas or shrines spread through the temple area in the mountains.
There were little figurines and sculptures all over the place hidden though nature and you would only spot them if you’d look closely.
There where four of those guards, pretty impressing. As you see fall was getting started. I do abolutely recommend this time because it creates beautiful colors.
Rhytuals and a small dragon fountain.
View through the trees over Hiroshima.
Bizare lamp – This was just one of the thousends of details you could spot! The area was sponsored and reconstructed by an artist as an older guy on the way to the temple told me.

Shukkeien Gardens

In the middle of the city you will find this cute little garden. I was still enjoying it even though it was raining.

Buildings in the back but a cute litte garden around me.
Can you spot the koi?
The garden includes some bamboo as well.

Hiroshima Castle

The hiroshima castle with a museum inside.
The Hiroshima skyline is not the best but here you’ll have the view from the castle.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

No words needed. Who doesn’t know what role Hiroshima played in the second world war, go and get some information’s about it! This is basic knowledge. A sad mood stays in your heart while exploring this area and the museum and sticks to you afterwards. Anyway, it is still a must see if you are going to travel to Hiroshima. Human nature can be so cruel and at the same time it is good to see how Japan could recover after all these years and remembers and teaches a lesson through its past. It was the last trip of my Hiroshima stay. I knew that afterwards I wouldn’t enjoy something else.

The Atomic Bomb Dome – The only building left to remember what the bomb destroyed.
Is it just me or is this umbrella and the posing schoolkids in front of the dome a bit macabre?
The Children’s Peace Monument.
Another sculpture at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.
Origami cranes from the deathbed of Sadako Sasaki at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

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