Hamburg – Germany

Since ages I have a deep connection to Hamburg. First of all my Oncle and Aunt lived there for some years and I visited them a few times. I always liked the flair of the city. At the beginning of 2014 I was commuting to Hamburg weekly for almos a year. I’m still thinking about moving to Hamburg one day, because apart from Berlin it is the city I feel most home at. It is near the coast, still a big city, has lots of water due to the Elbe river, a fresh wind from the coast and posh and alternative areas nearby. I mostly considered it as a cleaner and nicer Berlin. The next photographs are a few of the impressions I got in the tons of times I visited Hamburg. The newest at the top and the oldes at the bottom.

This was my daily way to the Mercedes cafeteria.
Boats at the river side.
Blankenese, a area with lots of nice villas.
Hamburg skyline.
The pictures above are from a short boat ride you could have for the normal fee of the official transportation. I definetely recommend this way because it is way cheaper than the tourist boats.
The metro station Hafen City Universitรคt has nice light installations that change color all the time.
Hafen City a new area with lots of new buildings sadly only affordable for rich people.
Speicherstadt – Old trade buildings and canals all over.
Town hall on a rainy day.
Details inside the town hall.
Going from the old town to the new harbor city with the opera in the back.
Old town with low water.
Sternschanze area, as you see an alternative area in the middle of the city.
Planten und Blomen – A big park in the middle of the city.
The river side with the opera in the back.

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