Florida – USA

Lastly, after exploring New York and also some other parts at the east coast of the USA I ended this gorgeous experience in 2012 with a week in Miami and a short trip to the Key Islands, both traveling solo.

Not all went well this trip though. I had a debit card, which I had to load from my Germany account to get money from ATMs and for the first time ever I thought it will be enough for the rest of the trip and miscalculated. Unfortunately, this happened on Key West so I had to skip a snorkeling trip and was forced to a low budget not having much cash with me. I definitely learned from that!

Another thing I wasnโ€™t aware of before was the seasons. Summer in Florida is unbearable hot, really humid and can include heavy summer rain. Lucky for me that only happened one day. What did I learned from that, make some research according to the seasons. Still, this last part of the trip satisfied my need of sun and the endless ocean.

Key West

I was able to cool down at near this spot at the beach.
Most touristy place on Key West – The southernmost point of the USA.
This gull combined with the ocean made me feel peaceful inside.
Villa in a tropical surrounding.

Everglades National Park

Speed boat trip.
I have to admit, on the trip we just saw them far away and this crocodile was chilling in the farm nearby.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach – I know, the horizont isn’t horizontal and I know better know, still line this picture though.
This felt like being on the caribean islands to me.
That’s what people look like in Miami.
Sexy outfit at the beach is a must have…
Now you know what to expect XD
Living by the coast a boat is a “must have”…
This is one of the diverse villas the rich live at.
At least they are reproducing at Miami Seaquarium.
This orca was beautiful but the only of it’s kind in the Miami Seaquarium sharing it’s pool with some dolphins.
Bye, bye Miami – I enjoyed the last refreshing swim on the morning, even though I wasn’t allowed to due to storm warning. It was my last morning in the USA, so I had to say goodby to the ocean before going back to my every day life in good old Germany.

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