Fehmarn – Germany

Since I already did the business trip up north to Kiel I decided to stay north and looked for an affordable stay. I picked the island Fehmarn to stay for the weekend because I havenÔÇÖt been on it before, found a room with kitchen and shared bathroom and it is not that far apart from Kiel. I arrived Friday afternoon, stayed till Sunday afternoon and spend as much time outside as possible. Since it was the first weekend of April 2019 it was out of season and some restaurants where still shut or had shorter opening hours than in the holiday season. Still I had not problems finding nice restaurants to each lunch or dinner. I also prepared some meals for the go and had the breakfast in the apartment to save some cash. I really enjoyed not being among people every now and then, often just the sea, nature and me. All quiet except for the sounds of nature. It was a well welcomed break and I really needed it. The fresh air on the coast is amazing and gives you so much energy. I would always go again in April even though people told me that I was lucky to have sunny days, this is the risk of going off season, but so far mostly I had good luck with it. It was cold in the wind but with the right clothing that shouldn’t be a problem. So, if you are prepared it can only turn out beautiful and that is what this weekend was. In the following my pictures sorted by regions I visited on the island.


I stayed in Puttgarden and right beside my appartment was a farm with cute horses, ponies and cows.

I always wanted this type of cow in front of a lens, I saw them on so many beautiful pictures and now finally I saw them myself. My bad that they were pretty relaxed ­čśë

Gr├╝ner Brink

If you walk or bike from Puttgarden to the nature reserve “Gr├╝ner Brink” you pass by the north coast where I was lucky to witness tons of kite surfers that enjoyed the strong wind and thus waves that evening. It was really fascinating to observe them and I did so many pictures of them.

A wide angle to give you an impression of how many they were.
Looks like a dragon to me.


I passed by this church while driving to the south beach and decided to have a short break on the way.

St. Nikolai Church and another Nikolai Church XD
Love this detail! It is actually a ship hanging down from the ceiling in fron of a church window.
The organ in this church. Love the symmetry.
Shortly after Burg I passed by some more of these amazing cows.

South Beach

South beach, it was off season as mentioned, but this place it to touristy for me. Sure, the harbor was nice and with great weather you would have a nice dip in the ocean, but the waterside is just covered with hotels and apartments. I had planned more time here but changed my mind, just walked passed the beach once and then moved on.

Orth to the Lighthouse Fluegge

Around a half an hour walk past beautiful nature you can walk from the town Orth to the Lighthouse Fluegge. If youÔÇÖre not afraid of heights go on it, I skipped that part. Still it was worth it to go for me.

The harbor in Orth.
This ship actually drowe in front of me when I got to the town.


For sunset I went to the Fehmarnsundbr├╝cke the bridge that connects Fehmarn with the mainland. Sadly, most of the sunset got lost in dust, but it was still great to go. I met other photographers, way more professional ones than I am, and we actually had a good talk and I got a couple of recommendations.

Sunsets, my favorite time of the day…

Lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf

On my last day I took a walk from a lighthouse to a viewpoint for about an hour walk each way because I did it as a round trip. The coast is spread from the ocean by some sort of salty lake that is why you have to walk around it. In the area in between a lot of birds breed right now and it was a beautiful scenery.

Another tip: Go to have a cake at the Hofcafe Bisdorf. It was one of the tips from the couple I met the night before. They have delicious cake and are some sort of insider tip in a really small town. I do absolutely recommend going there if you enjoy coffee, tea or cake ­čÖé

This is a viewpoint I headed to.

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