Edmonton – Canada

I think I somehow choose the wrong time to visit Edmonton. But it can’t be all exciting while traveling. A few places I wanted to go to where closed because it was off season and they used the time for renovations. But that gave me some free time for unwanted shopping… Somehow the washing machine destroyed loads of my clothing. I don’t know how it exactly happened, but is was all covered with holes and most of my clothing needed to be thrown away… The hostel at least refunded me the nights for me to buy new clothes, but surely, I had to spend more to replace them. I don’t really now why this keeps happening to me, but since I stared some of my clothing just “died”, even though I bought most of it new before I stared this journey and this washing maschine “killed the leftovers… So I had to go shopping and at least replaced the most necessary items for me to keep traveling… That leads to me not having the best memories to this city. But bad moments make you appreciate the good ones.

West Edmonton Mall

This is the biggest shopping mall of northern America. I actually got lost in it once ^_^” You’ll find diverse shops, food stands, activities and so on. I guess you could spend days in it XD

In summer you can play basketball in winter this are is used for ice skating.
A kidds pirate paradise.
There is even a water park in the mall. So crazy…

Muttart Conservatory

Well, beautiful from the outside, but closed due to rennovation.
I could have a sneak peak through the windows at least…
… and enjoy the skyline frome there.
Doesn’t this look like a Van Gogh? 😉

Alberta Legislature Building & surroundings

If you wan’t free parking you have to get up these stairs 😉
Alberta Legislature Building.
High Level Brigde.
Dudley B. Menzies Bridge – Can you spot the couple?
Daddy on a canoe with his youngster – I wish I would have done activities like this as a kiddo.

This blog results to be another short one, but believe me, as we would say in German and I don’t know if that’s a saying in other languages as well, but this is just “Die Ruhe vor dem Stum – The silence before the storm”. I’m behind in posting and my next destination was the Canadian Rockies one of the most picturesque areas I have ever been to, so stay tuned.

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