Copenhagen – Denmark

In May 2016 we did a Scandinavian road trip. We stared from Berlin by car and or first daytrip lead to Copenhagen. Oh, what a beautiful city! Again, a day trip is by far not enough time for this city. Not only my “bucket list” is increasing but also my “return to list”. Because of the short amount of time we just did the main touristic spots. You can easily find them if you google “top sightseeing Copenhagen” or similar. Still I want to give you my impressions. Btw. by “we” I mean my exboyfriend and me. Even though we are not a couple anymore, we still get along pretty well, so shout out to him and his former company for the company car, which made this road trip quite affordable 😉

We had to cross a couple of bridges on our way, have some coins/cash with you for the payment to cross them.

This black modern building is the Nationallibrary of Denmark.
The Rosenborg Castle with a cloudy sky. Yes, we had bad luck with the weather and it was raining in between. That’s why most of the photos look as if the sun is going down any minute, even though it was day. Anyway I like the mood of it.
The little mermaid – I actually managed to cut out all the tourists around it even though the weather was far from good. This sculpture is one of the main tourist spots in Copenhagen and smaller than you would expect but still worth a visit.
St Alban’s Church with a beautiful fountain in front.
Royal Opera House. You actually can do most of the main spots walking as well.
Nyhavn – The main spot in Copenhagen if you want to go into a nice bar or restaurant. Love the flair.
I sadly have no idea where this shot was taken, it was on the way to the car near the center if that helps. It was the end of a really nice day in Copenhagen.

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