Commuting and traveling in Germany

My job as mentioned in my first blog and the about me section brought me to various places in Germany. I tried to use the end of some workdays to explore that cities. It traveled to Bad Aibling and Munich in Bavaria, visited Frankfurt and Düsseldorf in the west, Eisenach, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Dresden and Leipzig in East Germany and also spend some time in the north where I visited Hamburg, Neumünster and some parts at the coast. It ranged from sometimes only one short visit and sometimes weeks and month of commuting. I loved the diversity even though being on the road all the time can be stressful. I already posted about some of those places and will post more in the future about the ones I have left out. In the following you will see a few pictures of the smaller places I have been to or where I didn’t have enough time to explore more.

This baby was by my side for almost every day in the first two years working after my bachelor from October 2013 till September 2015.


View over Chemnitz form the Dorint Kongresshotel for sunrise…
… and sunset.


Old town in Eisenach with really cute buildings.
Georgenkirche – A church in Eisenach.
The smallest building at least in Germany. Its about two meters wide.


Christmas in Düsseldorf.

Bad Aibling

View on the mountains in Bavaria, this time in summer.
Winter in Bad Aibling, Bavaria without snow.
… and with snow.

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