Cologne – Germany

As mentioned in the last post I went to visit a close friend of mine in the area of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Since I already was nearby, I took the time to visit Cologne or Köln in German, one of the bigger cities in this area. I only had three hours before my friend was back from work so I only did the main tourist spots in the oldtown but it was really worth the visit! Take some time to find a parking spot though and some coins for a parking ticket if you go by car as I did. On the other hand, I was surprised that the entrance for the popular dome was for free and that the main viewpoint in the 29th floor across the river was available for only three euros. Here you’ll have my impressions:


These impressing buildings are some new build apartment buildings at the harbor .
Love is in the air.
Microsoft with a nice view.
Old town.
The old church Groß St. Martin.
The Kölner Dome.
Cleaning the streets in front of the dome.
Ancient windows inside the dome.
No, your screen isn’t broken, this is one of the windows inside the dome.
The Hohenzolllernbrücke famous for…
…tons of love locks covering it.
View from the Köln Triangle viewpoint.
View from the Rheinboulevard.

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