Chiang Mai – Thailand

Thailand as I think one of the most popular tourist destinations for at least European tourist was my next destination. I have never been there before. First, I thought about visiting the islands but the time would have been to short for that. I would have needed to skip Cambodia or another of the countries I wanted to go to. I decided to just pass through the north to get to the border of Laos for a slow boat trip. Thailand wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. The people were as if they were the opposite of the people in Myanmar. They seemed all to want something from you. They tried to sell you tuk-tuk rides, sandwich or other food in their restaurants, drinks, ladyboy shows, massages, manicure or pedicure, clothing, accessories, souvenirs and further more. It was a huge contrast to Myanmar and the worst order of countries I could have been choosing. I wanted to spend a week in Thailand, first Chiang Mai, then Pai and afterwards leaving for Laos. But I was so disturbed by all the people trying to sell you stuff that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. After just two days I booked the next trip to Laos available and had two more days in Chiang Mai. I decided to do the best of it. Did excursions to a waterfall nearby, explored diverse temples, watched a ladyboy show, had a pedicure, great food (yes, the myth is truth, they cook delicious food) and a few massages. One of the massages took place at a place where female prisoners got trained to be able to gain a living when getting out of prison. I really like that idea and decided to have one there. Prebook it way ahead, they are really popular. All of that was pretty cheap even though they charge you tourist prises everywhere. I did the best out of it and even send a package home with stuff I wouldn’t need any more to get place in my backpack. Still it was a good idea to not spend to much time in Thailand, I just wasn’t in the mood. I will definitely return one day to explore the beaches and islands. Hopefully with less annoying people that want to rip up tourists…

This was my favorite spot in Chiang Mai the Wat Chiang Man.
Bamboo buddha atWat Chiang Man.
If I would only remember wich one of the tons of tempels I saw it was… 
Same temple as the picture above.

Sticky Waterfall – This was the best waterfall I have ever been to! You can easily walk up and down the stones and get refreshed at the same time.
Ladyboy show – Bad quality, I know, but I still like the pic.
Can you believe this are actually guys? =D
Do you find the gecko hidden on a cat poster?  😉

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