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My hometown… I was born in West Berlin in 1987 in Rudow, a part of Neukölln. After coming back from Spain, we moved to Charlottenburg, then I moved to Reinickendorf, Tempelhof, Prenzlauer Berg, Steglitz and now I’m back in Prenzlauer Berg. As you see I have spent time living in multiple part of the city both east and west Berlin. I can’t really tell which part of the city I do like most, they are very diverse and have their pro and cons. In general, most of Berlin is chaotic and dirty but also has some nice architecture and also nature spread throughout the city. You can definitely tell, that I do have a love hate relationship with this city. Each time I compare it to the places I have been to mostly the dirt and hectic as well as the unfriendly people remind me that I’m home… But still I do have most of my friends and family in Berlin which always brings me back. In summer the parks and lakes can lend a welcomed shade while enjoying the fresh air. In winter its almost never covered in snow and even if it snows it converts into mud. I would definitely consider to move away one day, but so far, I haven’t found a place which makes me want to leave in the long-term. Anyway, due to my routes I would always come back to this big city if at least for a longer visit every know and then. For everyone that hasn’t been to Berlin so far, go! It is a beautiful city where just a weekend is definitely not enough! The following pictures are just a very small extract about what Berlin is an where you should go to. I did not include all the tourist spots because if you google it you will find them anyway but the places I really like to see and visit or that are so picturesque that I do take a picture almost each time I pass by. I hope you enjoy to look at Berlin through my eyes. If you do have any questions and are planning to visit Berlin soon. Feel free to ask, as a local I might be able to help. Till then, enjoy my photographs.

West Berlin

The “Gold Else” as we Berliner call it also known as freedom statue.
The Bundestag where our politcs take place.
French and German Dome near Gendarmenmarkt.
View from the Victoria Park in Kreuzberg.
The Freie Universität Berlin where I did my Master program.
Another shot of a library at Free University.
The technical university where I wrote most of my master thesis together with two friends of mine.
Volkspark Steglitz covered in snow.
Volkspark Steglitz in summer, this was my spot researching for my master thesis every know and then.
The Breitscheidplatz with the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche that was almost bombed down by the war.
View over the zoo from the new bikini shopping center. Can you spot the Siegessäule and the Fernsehturm?
Moabit, just love the colors of the brick in contrast to the blue sky.

East Berlin

The Berliner Dome.
The Fernsehturm and the Marienkirche at Alexanderplatz.
The Fernsehturm by night.
This Weltzeituhr at Alexanderplatz shows all the different timezones and is a well known meeting point.
The Holocaust Memorial.
Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz.
Humboldt University.
View from the Oberbaumbrücke a bridge at night.
Chemistry labor at the Humboldt University.
The new Hauptbahnhog.
Frankfurter Allee at sunset.
Prenzlauer Berg, this is where I live at with a beautiful sunrise.
This is the colorful area in Prenzlauer Berg I’m living in currently.
Mauerpark – Very popular in summer due to its flea market and karaoke on a huge stage.
Eberswalder Straße at its best…
Prenzlauer Berg and its left wing influences.
Graffiti at Warschauer Straße, Berlin is covered in graffities!

Lost places

This lost place can be found in Steglitz near the Volkspark Steglitz.
Old locomotive at Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände.

Nature and Water

Pfaueninsel castle.
The Pfaueninsel is an isle in the south of Berlin.
A lot of peacock live on it and that gave the island its name.
And antoher one…
This cute little mices were also spotted on the island.
A day on water on the Spree in Köpenik on a raft ride with some friends.

Thank you very much for your time and interest. I hope you are enjoying my blog. Feel free to follow and leave me feedback. I am thankful for every advice and happy to answer questions. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for photography and stories or FindPenguins where I track my journey to get a general overview. I am happy to see you back soon.

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