Basel and hiking – Switzerland

In September 2017 I went with a friend of mine to Basel her hometown. She showed me around and again it is always good to know a local. Switzerland is really pricy but she knew where best to go and due to the hospitality of her parents we had a nice extended and at the same time affordable weekend in Switzerland. Her mother even took us hiking at Passwang and area not far from Basel. It was just a couple of days before I handed in my master thesis so this was a well needed break from the stress I had back home. Switzerland was able in just four days to calm me down and gave me a happy smile on my face.


Artist at the Rhein river with the Münster on the other side.
Love this tree!
The Basel Münster.
View from above. This traditional ferry follows this cable from one side to the other.
The red town hall.
The artsy Fasnachts-Brunnen.
We just had a beer, but I relly liked the look of the bar “Zum Kuss”.


Not far from Basel by car and a wonderful area if you want to go hiking and catch some fresh air in nature. I really enjoyed it!

Oh beautiful nature!
Isn’t this was you expect from Switzerland? Cows, hiking and nature.
Isn’t she a cutie?

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