Bali – Indonesia

Bali, the main center for digital nomads, wanderers, travelers, globetrotter and people from all over the world to calm down and find their inner center. I know, so many people posted about Bali, spend time there and I always thought it lost its myth due to tourism. Yes, you will meet a hell a lot of tourist, but the Balinese are so kind that they outweigh the masses and they keep you calm and happy even if youโ€™re stuck in traffic for ages. It is the only island from Indonesia which is not Muslim but Hindu. You will find very kind locals, sacrifices on each street, small and bigger temples all over the cities, endless beaches, beautiful nature, waterfalls, volcanoes, rice fields and many more. Everyone can find something he will like. We just had four days in Bali thus we could only explore the south. I will definitely come back for the less touristic north. The island is so picturesque and I had trouble not wanting to shoot everything. But Bali explains itself better with pictures than with words so here you are:


Romantic sunset st Seminyak.
Lanterns in Seminyak.

Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple entrance.
Golden details.
Cute ladies posing.

Tegalalang Rice Field, Ubud

Local farmer lost in thoughts at the Tegalalang Rice Field
Yes, that girl is me =D
Bebek Joni Restaurant – It was really tasty!
Tegenungan Waterfall in the middle of a rainforest.
Pantai geger, nusa dua beach almost for ourselves.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple right on a cliff.
Another part of the Uluwatu Temple. Beautiful beyond words…
Beware of the evil monekys, they area all over Uluwatu Temple and will try to steal you glasses or flip flops =D

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