Algonquin Provincial Park – Canada

As I mentioned before I was burned out and even though traveling is fun it is exhausting as well and adds on the stress level that currently is still raised high for me. My first plan was to travel to Nova Scotia and let myself take a short break there but it was really expensive and without car you can’t see much. I didn’t want to waist to much at the start of my journey, but hopefully I can do it later. So I changed plans and instead took a bit more than a week off at the Algonquin National Park because it was on the way west. It was without (almost) any Wi-Fi or mobile connection and thus forced me to calm down. It is located around 3 hours north from Toronto and I was excited to stay there from the 25th of August till the 2nd of September. Just nature and not much distraction ๐Ÿ˜Š It was what I really needed!

Ragged Falls

Just a short hike from the place I stayed at you could see these beautiful waterfalls in the forest. It was impossible to get them in one picture because they actual go around the corner making their way through the stones.

You could also take a kayak or canu to get there from the river site.
Everything green, just this one red branch.
Love the fall colors.

Gravel Falls

A bit more than an hour hike mostly through the wood you get to this beautiful waterfall. It is not as known so I actually saw no one at the way there or back as soon as I got into the wood. It was a little spooky on my own in the woods knowing that there actually are bears and wolfs in the park, but at the same time I enjoy the feeling to be totally on my own.

Yes, I actually sat on this spot for about an hour reading as well as meditating.
Don’t know this flower, but it grew beside the river quite often and I really like it. It’s a nice contrast to all the green.
If you sit at a waterfall all by yourself in the woods and suddenly there are cracks behind you, you’ll probably get alarmed. I did, but it was just a couple kayaking and having a pottage around the waterfall with their kayaks. We had a nice talk and than they moved on.
This is where the hike started. On my way I back three guys where having fun shooting around just for fun or practice. I freaked them out by comming out of the woods right where there where shooting at. They werent expecting anyone out there… I heard 5 shots when I was further apart but thought it stopped and they left but they were just getting started with the next weapon they had with them and they had a bunch… I was lucky this went all well… At the end we talked nicely and I assured them that I haven’t seen anyone else on that trail.
Later that day we came back with a group from the hostel to see the northern lights that were supposed to show up that night even though they normally don’t show only further north. We also did some star gazing. It was a beautiful sky.
Can you spot the milky-way?
We actually did manage to see them but they where quite far away. Still it was stunning!

Oxtongue Lake & River

Canu trip with a really nice woman from the hostel ๐Ÿ™‚
Also did a kayak trip on my own and had this cute island for myself and some butterflies for almost an hour for my lunch and reading break.

Opeongo Lake

Different trails in Algonquin Provincial Park

I just love nature…
I met a Canadian couple on the way and did two trails with them. It was so interesting learning about the flora and fauna in the park. They really knew a lot and I not only learned a lot about trees and for example these mushrooms, I also tasted winter green, wild blue- and also raspberries. It was lovely ๐Ÿ™‚
Smoke lake from the Hardwood Lookout Trail.


The animals were all around you most of the time. I wasn’t able to take a proper picture of the birds, diverse insects, various butterflies species or the chipmunks, even though they where so adorable! I didn’t see any moose, bear or bigger animals. But I’m pretty sure that I have seen some tracks on the ground that might have been from a bear.

Another butterfly, they have diverse species in the area.
Frogs where present by the river and lakes.
Spotted a lot of dragonflies and other insects (btw. bring mosquito spray! It’s a must have even if sometimes it didn’t even fully help…).
A wasp nest…


I stayed at the Wolf Den Nature Retreat and it was lovely. I booked a dorm and figured that there is neither a restaurant nor a shop nearby so I came packed heavily with food for 9 days ๐Ÿ˜… Being there I figured, that there is a small shop near by but it doesn’t have any fresh fruits or vegetables. Still you should taste the ice cream, it is delicious! You could also book a cabin if you want to. It was located shortly before the park but with some nice spots in walking distance as well. A car to the park was still needed. I traveled the hostel by bus, but I found someone to take me with them a couple of times by car into the park and hitchhiked back. But I also used some day’s to relax in the main building or in the big garden. I actually read full tree books while the time at Algonquin and finished one and started another. It was so relaxing.

My favorite spot, so confortable.
Me super relaxed all without makeup.
Some girls actually bought back a bunch of apples from a hike and I helped them to make four huge and delicious apple crumble pies for all the guest. I really enjoyed some good and also deep talks I had to a few of them. Somehow sometimes it is easier to open up to strangers than to friends and family. It was a great experience. I felt fully recharged after my time in Algonquin Provincial Park. I would always go again!

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