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Warm welcome!

As you seem to be curious and are hopefully enjoying my content, here you have a short introduction.

I am a young woman in her mid thirties, raised in Berlin, Germany and on Lanzarote, Spain. I have a passion for travel and so far mostly traveled solo. As you will quickly notice the combination of photography and traveling is tightly connected for me. In this blog I share my journeys to give insides about my recommendations and experiences in different cities and countries.

I marked 32rd counties visited with my arrival in Canada, where I lived for a little over a year on a working holiday visa. Here are the countries I have been to so far:

This map is a screenshots of my FindPenguins account, where I track the countries visitied.
Some further random facts about me:
  • I do smile and laugh a lot
  • Talking is one of my favorite hobbies if you can call it so. Getting to know people, discuss, interact, exchangeโ€ฆ I love it!
  • I am fluent in German, Spanish and English
  • Cooking and eating is another passion for me
  • TED talks or other interesting, mostly self development talks or podcast are my day to day input for growth. You should never stop learning!
Me and my belowed Sony Alpha 6000.

In my first post you can find some more details about me. Still not enough? Feel free to follow and ask! I am looking forward in seeing you back and love to virtually take you on my journeys.

Love, Mareike

Quick excursion to my name:

My name is Mareike and since that is quite hard to pronounce for anyone not speaking German nor Dutch people got creative by naming me Mia, Miya, Myra, Mary, May or Maria just to name a few nicknames. One friend used to call me Missus and figured that it is another form of misses, madam, wife or similar. Since one of my deepest passions is traveling and I was looking for a name related to that topic I thought about myself as being married to wanderlust, which lead to “Missus Wanderlust“.