4000 Islands – Laos

The 4000 islands are more my taste of a great time than Vang Vieng. Still, the journey to get there was trouble and really long. 20 hours in the bus with tiny beds which you had to share with a stranger. In my case a local lady who was gladly really slim, since I’m not… We changed busses in Vientiane the capital. My first plan was to stay there for a bit, but diverse people told me that it is not worth is and just a hectic and dirty city so I decided to skip it and have more time for the following places. I only had two and a half months to explore Asia and back then my motto was to see as much as possible in that time. It was great but exhausting and I build in short breaks in between even though I wasn’t planning to because my head needed time to process all the input. If you travel to fast you can’t really everything as much as you should. After this journey I changed my stile of traveling and decided to spend more time in a place to enjoy it better and don’t set myself limits by already having booked the next bus, train or flight. I was always a bit under stress, still I enjoyed it a lot of course. Still I would do it differently the next time.

Telling you that, the four thousand Island where a bless! Everything slows down on the islands and I was able to relax wile exploring a few of the islands by food, bike and kayak. I love to be near water, it makes me calm and that four days on these islands were very much needed.

The tiny places in the night bus…
The island Don Det where I stayed at did not have hostels so I shared a room with a girl I met at the bus. She was from the USA and on a longer journey. We actually met again when she visited Europe and therefore Berlin. It was great to meet someone who understood my wanderlust.
The fist night, having a nice dinner with this view!
And that one…
This ancient tree was not far from my hotel at the other side of the river. I do love this nature.
Cute river running through nature on the neighbor island Don Khone.
The Somphamit waterfall on the island nearby.
It started small but see how big it got!
The sand on this beach was actually shimmering golden. Isn’t that beautiful?
Kayak time. I love to be on water! It was a great day and I do recommend such a trip. Even though we werent able to see the famous river dolfins it was still great!
Looking through at another waterfall.
The Khone Phapheng Falls are the widest waterfall in Laos.
This was the end of a beautiful kayak trip.

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