Maastricht – Netherlands

As part of my Benelux roadtrip I took a short drive from Liège to Maastricht in the Netherlands. That’s a pro of traveling in Europe, everything is so close! I’m a fan of the Netherlands anyway. The people are super kind, I love the language and each city has such a relaxing vibe that it even calms me down a bit. I will sure explore this cute country even more in the future. The goal of this roadtrip was to explore countries I haven’t been to before, so this time I just did this short excursions for one day and night and went to the Belgium again afterwards. But it was a bless to be there! I was really lucky with the weather because it started raining after sunset so I was able to get the best out of my day in Maastricht. In the following you’ll see my impressions.

Hiking around Fort St. Pieter

At this fort a nice man in an information center handled me a flyer with some trekking routes in the area around and I decided to go for the nature before heading back to the city and I got rewarded by nice views.

Fort St. Pieter
View over the city.
These sheeps are held to keep the meadow low as they told me.
The old ANCI-fabriek
Imaging this being your house 🙂
Never saw so many flies on a cow before 😀

Back in the City

Monseigneur Nolenspark
So many turtles where relaxing at this pond.
Pater Vincktoren
Helpoort – Latterly meaning the port to hell

Basiliek van Onze Lieve Vrouwe

Loved the mood in this church!

Stadsdeel Maastricht-Centrum

Art in front of a Restaurant.
Sint-Janskerk on the left and Servatiusbasilika on the right.
Servatiusbasilika from the inside, the main part was closed.
Why doesn’t every visitor center look like this? 🙂
Stokstraat, famous for shopping.
This is what I love the Neatherlands for. I actually just went walking everything though.
Sint Servaasbrug.
Hoge Brug, just for passengers and bycicles.
This is actually the highest mountain in the Neatherlands as I got told =D
My hostel the Stayokay Maastricht with a perfect location.
This sunset was so beautiful!
So practical, why don’t we have such things?
Got back to the hostel short before purring rain started.

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