Kiel – Germany

Again, I had a business trip up north in Germany, this time to our branch in Kiel. I was happy to meet some coworkers from my time in Hamburg after almost four years. I really missed the sound of the seagulls and the fresh wind and even though it is not Hamburg itself surely, I used the evening to explore the city with the last light of the day and walked trough Kiel for around 1,5 hours before sunset. It is a cute city near the coast and as my coworkers told me I was really lucky to catch a day without rain or clouds. In the following you will find my impressions:

The town hall of Kiel reflected in the small lake “Kleiner Kiel”.
Art in front of the town hall.
Art in the “Kleiner Kiel”
The Kiel Monastery.
Entrance to the City Museum, I really like the ancient door.
The sculpture “Werftarbeiter” which means shipyard worker in front of the setting sun.
Ships, I just love them.
Kiel is known for its harbor. I really liked the flair.
There were a bunch of old and jung mostly guys fishing.
Here you see some results of the fishing.
The St. Nicolai Church, it seems that each city has a Nicolai church =D
Again the town hall for sunset.
Harbor and the small little skyline.
Old an newer ships in the harbor.
This is acutally the water wheel from the shp of the picture above on the right. It was really interesting to me to be able to spot a look inside.
Night in the harbor and and of a nice exploration.

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