Washington D.C. – USA

Washington D.C. is a city shaped by politics. It is full of monuments for people, wars and places. Full of places where politics were or are made. Still, it is so much smaller than I have expected. I did almost everything walking! My hostel was central as well. Having a tight budget, I took the Greyhound bus from Philadelphia forth and back. I visited it as a part of a six week journey through the East Coast of the USA in 2012. It was a pretty affordable but really nice weekend trip! Again, photographs say more than words:

If you visit Washington D.C. you can’t miss the capitol.
Visiting the white house from far distance. What I love about this city that it’s attractions are all nearby and you can explore most of them walking.
Don’t remember what this building was. It was on the way walking from the white house to the Washington Monument.
Korean War Veterans Memorial.
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial.
One column for each state of the USA.
Washington Monument.
The Smithsonian, sadly I wasn’t able to go in, but the building it self and some art around it is already beautiful.
The obligatory China town in each city.
It feels like every building in this city is somehow importand. I took tons of pictures.
The top of this building offers a nice view over the city.

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